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Stalker Prince 37

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Act 2 Scene 11

Sim and Lisonse lay on the roof top.

Lisonse: “Alright, who do we know?”

Sim: “The reporter seemed down with it?”

Lisonse: “I’d rather not.”

Sim: “Mr.Chesney?”

Lisonse: “Mabye.”

Sim: “Mr.Richards is pay roll.”

Lisonse: “Granted, but he might want
revenge or something.”

Sim: “Nope, too cowardly.”

Lisonse: “That’s not very nice.”

Sim turns to Lisonse, then throws up on him. Lisonse twitches as he tries to scrape it off. He closes his eyes and it’s gone.

Sim: “I forgot when I was supposed to be nice. I’m bearing the greater risk. They’ll probably just recondition you. They have cures for things like me. I could’ve had you in some run down insane asylum. An entire life span with you all to myself, stuck in a small confined cell, wrapped in a straight jacket, drugged up so you can’t scream. Doesn’t that sound lovely? This is me making a compromise.”

Sim pulls her hair so much that her scalp starts to make stretching noises, with little trickles of blood starting to come from freshly pulled roots.

Lisonse: “Little grim dark.”

Sim: “Fair enough.”

Lisonse: “Back to the case at hand, we need something with easy access. The jumping and running is starting to get to me. We could check out some abandoned places. This place is supposed to have a population problem. Might mean open apartments.”

Sim: “That or we’re swimming in the elderly. Even then, we need a computer. People usually throw theirs away when they leave but we could jack something from the Recycling Station. They usually cook them after downloading everything into the homeland security database, but we might get lucky.”

Lisonse starts to jump to the next building when he sees Waitress 1 walking down the street with Alpha, Beta, and Gamma riding behind her.

Lisonse: “One more time.”

Lisonse drops from the building.