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Stalker Prince 36

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Act 2 Scene 10

Lisonse: “That would’ve been helpful to know.”

Lisonse gets up.

Lisonse: “What now?”

Sim: “I’m sure folks in here have already sent something out alerting the authorities, so first we need to leave. Maybe, make an example out of somebody.”

Lisonse: “I’m not doing that.”

Lisonse goes to walk out but stops at Librarian1. She looks scared.

Lisonse: “Sorry I acted like a jerk back there. That wasn’t proper. I’m just going to have to ask you to understand that I’ve just gone through a crummy couple of days. I’m taking these, but I promise I’ll either return them as soon as I can or try to pay you all back. I’ve got a good reason, but it’s kinda complicated. Just figured I’d let you know.”

Lisonse walks out.

Sim: “Cute, but we’ve got a limited amount of time. It’s safe to assume you’re won’t simply dissapear, but being unable to shut down makes predictable. We’re going to have to lay low for a bit until they no longer have that advantage. We need a lair.”

Lisonse takes to the roof tops again.

Lisonse: “We need to hide a few of these around town. Not on roofs though. They’ll be expecting that. Lair first, though.”

Sim: “Sewer?”

Lisonse: “Rather not.”

Sim: “Woods?”

Lisonse: “Maybe, but we need something with electricity. The boonies run on wired grids and that stuff’s unreliable.”

Sim: “We need a computer that can’t or won’t be tracked. Then recording software, then recorders.”

Lisonse: “Since we can’t kidnap him, we need him to either say ‘Unit 4 deactivate system’ or some combination of it, assuming that’s the phrase. If it’s not, we’ll just have to keep recording him, which mean more disguises. This one kinda backfired, but I’m keeping it. Has a certain amount of flair to it, don’t you think?”

Sim: “Wow.”

Lisonse: “What?”

Sim: “That was mildly super villainy. I didn’t even mention kidnapping him.”

Lisonse: “Well, yeah, but you would’ve suggested it. On account of you being an extension of me and what not.”

Sim: “You know, upon closer inspection, I think maybe this kind of shtick is getting old. Maybe play it a little fresher so our stuff does sound a little closer to genuine dialogue.”

Lisonse: “Fair enough, but we’re gong to need to find out more about him. We’ve got his phone number… Right, phone… Still, we can stalk the sandwich out of him.”

Sim bursts into laughter.