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Stalker Prince 35

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Act 2 Scene 9

Lisonse: “We need to find a public place to snag the file.”

Sim: “Library’s closed. What about the college?”

Lisonse: “Maybe. We need another directory though. I’ve never checked out the one here.”

Lisonse takes to the building tops until he can find another directory. He looks up the local college and disappears again.

Once at the college, Lisonse looks around.

Sim: “Just go in. The stealth stuff’s probably just brainwashing or something. If you’re making me stupid, I’ll take us both down.”

Lisonse walks into the college library and accesses the public computers. Everyone’s staring at him. Some are laughing. Some have disgusted looks.

Librarian1: “That dress is inappropriate here. Capes are illegal.”

Lisonse gets up, standing several inches over her. She backs away. Lisonse sits back down, logs onto his old account and downloads the recording.

Lisonse walks up to the front desk.

Lisonse: “I need a thumb drive. Scratch that. All your thumb drives.”

They quickly give him about twenty and he sends copies to as many as he can as fast as he can. Then he hits play. He fast forwards through the parts before he left and there’s silence for about an hour.

Engineer 1: “Mr. Walson! Are you alright?”

Mr.Walson: “W…e… ca…n’t.”

Engineer 1: “Can’t what?”

Mr.Walson: “Liso…nse … esc…ape.”

There’s a shuffling.

Mr.Walson: “Thanks. He’s a threat.”

Engineer 1: “Lisonse? How?”

Mr.Walson: “He grabbed one of the experimental units.”

Engineer 1: “Fair enough, but he’s not that much of a threat.”

Mr.Walson: “What do you mean? That thing’s supposed to be able to withstand a point blank rail gun shot.”

Engineer 1: “Well, yes. The final product should, but that’s still years away.”

Mr.Walson: “What if he uses the power cell to self destruct? That’d probably level the city.”

Engineer 1: “You didn’t install one, did you?”

Mr.Walson: “No, but…”

Engineer 1: “We certainly didn’t install them. None of the experimental units are supposed to have primary cells in them.”

Mr.Walson: “So it’s running on auxiliary?”

Engineer 1: “Yep and those things only last for few days.”

Mr.Walson: “Can’t he hook up into the armory?”

Engineer1: “Nope. These models don’t even have camouflage.”

Mr.Walson claps his hands together.

Mr.Walson: “Okay then… He’s still an investment, so trump up some charges of suspected online pirating, bullying and child pornography. Stress the suspected part. I’d like to finish conditioning him if possible. In the meantime, track his suit GPS.”

Engineer 1: “These don’t have any. They’re not supposed to leave this room. Why’d you even let him try it? ”

Mr.Walson: “Well, he was far enough along that he shouldn’t have been able to betray us, so I didn’t see a problem.”

Engineer 1: “What?! No. The first one makes them more susceptible. The second keeps them from talking to non-members. The last one makes them fully obey orders from Section Heads. We have procedures in place to prevent this exact kind of thing.”

Mr.Walson: “If it’s all the same, I’d like to keep this a strictly Section 2 matter. Call back everyone and let’s finish their conditioning.”

There is a shuffling noise.

Engineer 2: “Is that a cell phone? You were supposed to have their stuff checked when they started living here. We can delete the GPS logs, but the IT folks are already swamped. Also, we need to have this message deleted from his phone account.”

Engineer 1: “Turn it off, you idiot.”

The message stops.