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Stalker Prince 34

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Act 2 Scene 8

Lisonse waits for about half an hour.

Lisonse: “Jeez, why are they so slow?”

Sim: “Maybe they’re calling for reinforcements? Maybe they’re alerting The Organization. We might need to kill them and their families just in case.”

Lisone: “It’s unfortunate that you’re the only person I can semi-trust right now.”

A single cop vehicle arrives. Two step out. Lisonse stays out of sight for a bit. It doesn’t look like any more are coming. The two cops are checking the directory when Lisonse slams onto the pavement. He crushes their guns before they can grab them. The pepper spray him and Lisonse jumps back.

Lisonse: “Wait. This doesn’t work on me.”

They reach for tazers and Lisonse flinches as he is tazed, then stops.

Lisonse: “In any case, I need one of you to log on so I can check my messages.”

The look at eachother. Lisonse punches their car, causing a fair amount of damage.

Lisonse: “Now…”

One attacks, but Lisonse catches him and handcuffs him. The other logs on for him. Lisonse logs onto his citizen site. There are no new messages.

Sim: “No go?”

Lisonse: “What do I do now?... Wait. My ramblings always get sent to my personal and old college email.”

Lisonse checks his personal email. There are no new messages. He then
checks his college email. There are no new messages, but there are 345 spam messages. He opens it to find the most recent one from him.

Lisonse: “Righteous”

Sim: “I thought you didn’t do college.”

Lisonse: “I did half a semester of College Prep. They keep your email for five years before deleting it. I only ever used it for business stuff and that’s like never.”

Lisonse goes to click it but stops and looks at the cops.

Lisonse: “I don’t know if I can with them around.”

Sim: “You could always, you know, make an example.”

Lisonse: “Or not.”

Lisonse looks at the cops.

Lisonse: “Get lost.”

They get in the damaged car and leave.

Sim: “They’re calling for back up and they can back track who was logged on.”

Lisonse: “Yeah.”

Lisonse copies the message file and sends it to a media sharing site under anonymous.

Sim: “I don’t see how that helps.”

Lisonse: “I’ve got an old media account that’s not attached to my name or email accounts.”

Sim: “Why would you have one of those?”

Lisonse: “I was thirteen and didn’t want the orphanage to find my… you know…”

Sim: “Fair enough.”

Lisonse writes down the address for the sharing site, then clears history of it and destroys the directory.

Sim: “You know that doesn’t really do anything. They’re going to check it from the center.”

Lisonse: “Might slow them down or something. If they’re not in on it, it might not even occur to check for any media stuff. ”

Sim: “Well, you’re a deranged super villain. Might work.”

There are sirens in the back ground. Lisonse looks at Sim, then jumps back to the roof top.