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Stalker Prince 33

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Act 2 Scene 7

Santi: “Unit 5, activate.”

Santi transforms into a seventh unit.

Lisonse: “We don’t have to do this.”

Santi: “Yeah, we kinda do.”

Lisonse: “We’ve been brainwashed.”

Santi: “Yeah, we know. Knowing’s
kinda part of it.”

Santi punches Lisonse. It doesn’t do much more than push him back a little.

Santi: “Fair enough.”

The other rush in. Lisonse is getting punched and kicked by at least three at time. Lisonse blocks a few, but is getting hit often. He tries to jump, but is grabbed by two units and thrown into the grown, cracking the pavement. Lisonse grabs one and slams its head into another unit, before throwing it at the others. He then starts to run.

Lisonse: “Wait. Juppin.”

Lisonse sees one of the units grab Juppin from the building top.

Lisonse: “Bananas.”

Lisonse is then grabbed by one unit, but trips him and throws him at the others again. Lisonse runs and jumps as fast as he can. Two run behind and Lisonse stops. They back down.

Lisonse: “What I thought.”

A few more units start chasing. Some look damaged. A few puddles behind them splash to reveal cloaked ones. Lisonse quickly goes back to running.

Sim: “Remember the cameras.”

Lisonse: “Right.”

Lisonse jumps, but barely makes it.

Sim: “Are you damaged?”

Lisonse: “I don’t think so. I don’t hurt or anything. I feel a little sluggish though.”

Sim: “I wouldn’t think you would hurt being a drone and what not.”

Lisonse: “Well, yeah, but I feel things in here. I can feel the pavement. It’s just that it’s like being barefoot with really strong skin.”

Sim: “We might need a new plan. The reporter was kind of a mulligan and they’ve got everyone now.”

Lisonse: “Yeah, but I might start freaking if I can’t get this thing off.”

Sim: “That’s low priority.
Considering how the area was quickly starting to break down, that thing probably stopped you from getting splattered.”

Lisonse: “That’s true, but it’s coming off.”

Sim: “We need…”

Lisonse gets in her face. She scowls at him.

Sim: “Maybe it’s not the phrase. Maybe it’s the speaker.”

Lisonse: “But Santi transformed by himself.”

Sim: “He’s in a different unit; maybe these require a Section Head.”

Lisonse: “My phone!”

Sim: “Left.”

Lisonse: “Yeah, but it automatically sends any recordings to my citizen site.”

Sim: “Deleted, I’m sure.”

Lisonse: “Probably, but do you have a better plan?”

Sim: “Murder everyone?”

Lisonse looks at Sim.

Sim: “Hey, you’re the psychopath that comes up with these lines.”

Lisonse: “Back to the directory.”

Lisonse runs across roof tops until he finds one and jumps down. He tries to log onto his site.

Directory: “You are wanted for questioning concerning a potential crime. While you are innocent until proven guilty, we are required to prevent you from accessing any personal sites. We have alerted the police and ask that you stay to resolve this matter with them.”

Sim: “Why are you staying to listen to it?”

Lisonse jumps and begins to run.

Sim: “Wait. We can’t access your site, right?”

Lisonse: “Yesss…”

Sim: “But a cop can. Correct?”

Lisonse: “Where are you going with this?”

Sim: “We wait and force the cop to access it for us.”