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Oort-Cloud Mission Statement - Feedback Request

Paul B. Hartzog's picture

Just throwing this out there for some feedback...

I have added the Oort-Cloud Mission statement at the top of the front page in big friendly letters. It's not quite "Don't Panic!" but it works. :-)

We would like it to be more visible on the site in general, which could be accomplished by:

  1. putting it in a block on the side
  2. keeping it front and center (but possibly smaller)


Looks good where it is, but

Looks good where it is, but yes, smaller would be nice.

in your face vs gentle reminder

I think having it at the top of the home page is just fine. However, I wouldn't want it at the top of every page. I think it would just get in the way. Maybe putting it on the right hand side above the Poll would be a good location for it. On the home page it says who you are. Once you leave the home page though I don't think it needs to be in your face so much as just a gentle reminder.