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Stalker Prince 32

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Act 2 Scene 6

Lisonse: “Unit 4 deactivate system”

Nothing happens again.

Lisonse: “Deactivate system, Unit 4.

Unit 4 system off. Unit 4 power down system. Unit 4 system power down.”

Sim: “Looks like we have a problem.”

Lisonse: “It won’t work.”

Lisonse begins to breathe hard and
pace around.

Sim: “That doesn’t help.”

Lisonse: “Shut up!”

Juppin: “I didn’t say anything.”

Lisonse: “I wasn’t talking to you!”

Juppin backs against the wall.

Lisonse: “Sorry. That was uncalled for. We still need to see if Santi’s around.”

Lisonse grabs Juppin.

Juppin: “Wait”

Lisonse jumps to the top of the building.

Juppin: “Be careful jerk. I can’t do what you’re doing. You could’ve broke my neck. I’m already sore from the other times.”

Lisonse: “Sorry, I hadn’t considered all that stuff. We’ll try the piggy back stuff.”

Lisonse begins to move across the buildings at a slower pace. They reach Joe’s. The lights are on, but there are no cars around. Lisonse sets down Juppin.

Lisonse: “Stay here.”

Juppin: “I don’t think I can go anywhere.”

Lisonse jumps down and tries to keep to the walls as he approaches the bar. The windows are tinted, but Lisonse thinks for a moment and gets a decent look inside. Santi’s sitting alone at the bar. Lisonse sits down.

Lisonse: “Potential trapishness.”

Lisonse calms his breath.

Lisonse: “Sim, can you look for me.”

Sim: “Sorry, I can look, but I won’t actually see anything.”

Lisonse stops breathing.

Lisonse: “I’m the strongest.”

Lisonse kicks in the door. A few seconds later, he’s thrown back out. In the doorway are six units.