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Stalker Prince 31

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Act 2 Scene 5

Sim: “Alright, do you remember where the others said they were going?”

Lisonse: “Santi at Joe’s. Ted at the Copy Center. Rob at a sandwich shop. Something about fruit. Where’s the closest one?”

Sim: “Unfortunately, we need to visit another directory.”

There is the faint sound of police car sirens in the distance.
Lisonse climbs back down and looks for Joe’s, Copy Center, and any sandwich shops close to fruit shops.

The Copy Center is closest. Lisonse climbs back up and begins running across building tops.

Close to the Copy Center, he drops and checks out the area. All the lights are out. Lisonse again travels past roofs and comes down where the fruit shop and sandwich shop cross. Juppin is leaving.

Lisonse: “What’s his face?”

Sim: “Grab him.”

Juppin is walking when Lisonse snatches him. Juppin struggles, but is unable to even slow Lisonse down. He simply covers Juppin’s mouth and hops to the top.

Lisonse: “I’m here to protect you.”

Juppin looks him up and down.

Lisonse: “Yeah, I know, but I’m not a super villain. The Organization’s brainwashed us. They’re part of an evil shadow government and they’re probably out to rule the world.”

Juppin: “I have no idea of what you’re talking about.”

Lisonse: “Of course you do. It’s me, Lisonse.”

Juppin: “I don’t know a Lisonse.”

Lisonse: “There are nine of us. I understand that you’re not allowed to talk about them to non-members, but I’m one of you. I’m a full person.”

Juppin: “Verification required.”

Lisonse: “See what I mean.”

Juppin: “I just said it, that doesn’t mean it’s because I’m brainwashed.”

Lisonse: “What do you mean, that’s clearly brainwashed talk. Do you normally say, ‘Verification required’?”

Juppin: “No, but who are you to mandate my vocabulary. Are you some kind of new speak nazi?”

Lisonse: “No, but it’s suspicious. Watch.”

Lisonse grabs Juppin and jumps off the ledge. Juppin screams. Lisonse runs up to the closest person and presses Juppin against the wall.

Lisonse: “Hi”

Stranger 1 looks scared.

Stranger 1: “Hi”

Lisonse: “My name is… hmm…”

Lisonse looks at Juppin.

Lisonse: “Hi… Raspberries… it doesn’t work.”

Stranger 1: “Your name is Raspberries?”

Lisonse: “No, I’m trying to say my name. I can’t because they’ve brainwashed me.”

Juppin: “This is man is insane. Call the police.”

Stranger 1 goes to run away but is grabbed by Lisonse.

Lisonse: “Wait. Let me prove it.”
He turns to Juppin.

Lisonse: “I’m one of you.”

Juppin: “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Lisonse lets go of Stranger 1. He runs off.

Lisonse: “We need to find the others. Wait. Maybe you can’t talk because you didn’t see me transform, so you don’t know it’s me.”

Juppin: “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Lisonse: “Of course you don’t, but in a moment we can be a little more honest.”

Lisonse lets go of Juppin but moves to the side when Juppin goes to run, letting him know to stay.

Lisonse: “Unit 4… deactivate system.”

Nothing happens.