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Stalker Prince 30

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Act 2 Scene 4

Lisonse is traveling across the roof tops, doing some minor damage because of speed. After a while he stops.

Sim: “Did not expect that.”

Lisonse: “Why could I talk to her?”

Sim: “Cooties?”

Lisonse looks at her.

Sim: “Fair enough. Brainwashing? You got a significant amount of pre-learning and learned an insignificant amount of stuff.”

Lisonse: “This complicates things. Hold on.”

Lisonse drops down and hops back up with a dirty piece of paper and a broken red crayon. He places it on the roof and writes, “the crayon is
red”. Then he writes, “the …”

Lisonse: “I can’t even write about The Organization.”

Sim: “That’s a problem.”

Lisonse: “Wait, are you part of The Organization?”

Sim: “Clearly, I am.”

Lisonse: “Not clearly. A loophole. Maybe. If I talk to you while in the presence of a non-member, do you think I’d be able to get the point

Sim looks at him.

Lisonse: “Fair enough. Let me try something though.”

Lisonse writes “the crayon is blue”. Then he writes, “the…”

Lisonse: “Covers lies too.”

He writes “Their crayon is blue”, then “Their crayon is red”

Sim: “Semi-interesting.”

Lisonse tries writes, “T h e O…”, then writes backwards from the end, “n”

Lisonse: “Progressish.”

He tears the paper up. On one part, he writes, “Th. On another, “e Or”. On another, “gan”. On another “iza”. On another, “ti”. On the last, “on”. He tries to put the pieces together but fails.

Lisonse: “Righteous”

Sim: “What about the others?”

Lisonse: “What do you mean?”

Sim: “Your team mates?”

Lisonse: “Oh no. I didn’t even think.”