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Stalker Prince 29

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Act 2 Scene 3

Lisonse lands on the roof top and looks around.

Lisonse: “This is it, I think. How do we find her?”

Sim: “Find an open window and we’ll start from there.”

Lisonse finds one , looks in, and crawls through. He opens the door and peaks quickly. There are a few people at the end of the hall talking. He closes the door and looks around the office. Lisonse checks through the phone list and find the reporters’ name and number. He dials it.

Reporter1: “Hello Tracy.”

Lisonse: “Can I talk to you in my office?”

Reporter1: “You’re not Tracy.”

Lisonse: “Sorry. I didn’t mean to imply that. She’s just letting me use her phone. Can you come up?”

Sim gives Lisonse a thumbs up.

Reporter1: “Well, it’s really more of a sideways thing, but sure.”

She hangs up. A few seconds pass and there’s a knock at the door. Lisonse rushes behind the door.

Lisonse: “Come in.”

She walks in and Lisonse shuts the door and grabs her by the mouth.

Lisonse: “We need to talk. Do not scream.”

He removes his hand.

Reporter1: “What have you done to Tracy?”

Lisonse: “Nothing. She’s out or something. Doesn’t matter.”

Reporter1: “What are you going to do to me?”

Lisonse: “Nothing. I just want you to tell my story.”

Reporter1: “A manifesto thing?”

Lisonse: “What! No! I’m not a super villain.”

Reporter1 looks him up and down.

Reporter1: “Are you sure?”

Lisonse: “Yes, I’m sure. I need you to come with me though.”

Reporter1: “Here we go. Kidnapping beautiful reporters and forcing them to do lurid things in your degrading captivity until they break down and become your faithful slaves, devoted to satisfying all your depraved animalistic urges.”

Lisonse: “Ummm… First of all, no. That was disturbingly out of left field. Second of all, you’ve got a pretty high opinion of yourself. You’re pretty, but in kind of a seven out of ten kind of way. The kidnapping’s for your own good. No, I mean I need you to come with me for your own protection.”

Reporter1: “Sure… Why do I need protecting?”

Lisonse: “That’s what I’ve been trying to get to. I’m a victim.”

Reporter1: “You’re a victim. Did someone do something to you when you were little?”

Lisonse: “No! Well, technically yes, but not what you’re talking about. Shut up for a moment. I’m actually part of an …”

Reporter1: “Part of a what?”

Lisonse: “Part of an… What’s going on?! I just escaped from them.”

Reporter1: “Who?”

Lisonse: “Them! The… I’m a member of… Why can’t I talk about them?!”

Reporter1: “It’s okay. A lot of people like you have trouble talking about what was done to them.”

Reporter1 puts a hand on Lisonse’s shoulder. Lisonse roars and breaks Tracy’s desk in half. Reporter1 screams and people rush into the room. Lisonse growls at them, kicks the window apart, and jumps into the night.