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Stalker Prince 28

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Act 2 Scene 2

Night approaches when Lisonse enters slowly. He keeps to the walls. He peeks around the corner, seeing public cameras.

Sim: “There’s less chance of being spotted higher up.”

Lisonse jumps a significant distance before quickly climbing the rest of the way up.

Sim: “You’re not as heavy I’d imagine.”

Lisonse: “Thanks, I try to keep my figure.”

Sim looks at him.

Lisosnse: “After the whole ‘don’t ask what you know’, you kinda walked right into that one. If it’d been super heavy or something, it’ve probably broken. I get it.”

Sim: “We need a directory and your place is probably a trap now. We need to cover you up with something to move around in.”

Lisonse: “Wouldn’t they know it was still me by my walk?”

Sim: “Walk differently.”

Lisonse: “I don’t think it’d work well. Seems like I’d just look goofier and be even more conspicuous.”

Sim: “The less information on you, the better.”

Lisonse: “Wait, wasn’t the entire point is to reveal myself? Seems like the more confirmation of my existence, the better.”

Sim is silent for a moment.

Sim: “You’d better not be transferring your stupidity into me.”

Lisonse: “So where does that leave us?”

Sim: “Well, we might want to protect the reporter.”

Lisonse: “How? If they’re printing a story, it’s going to be known.”

Sim: “Kidnap them?”

Lisonse: “Stealth it is.”

Lisonse drops off the ledge ,lands in garbage, and begins to dumpster dive.

Sim: “Any jackets, hats, or dresses?”

Lisonse looks at her.

Sim: “Excuse me for thinking we live in a modern gender neutral society.”

Lisonse: “Slightly bingo-ish”

Lisonse pulls out what could be a large torn red blanket and wraps it around himself. He then trips, tearing the material. Lisonse fishes out a fastener and forms something of a raggedy hooded cape.

Sim: “I see where you’re going with this and I don’t like it.”

Lisonse walks out of the alley in a strange, zombie like manner and looks up reporters on the directory. Then he goes back into the alley, gets back to the top, and begins to move across roofs.