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Stalker Prince 27

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Act 2 Scene 1

Lisonse is running very fast through the woods and breathing very hard.

Sim: “Stop.”

Lisonse screeches to a halt and tries to catch his breath.

Sim: “We need to think about this. Also, stop breathing.”

Lisonse: “I hardly think that’s going to help the situation.”

Sim: “This isn’t your body and you’re not actually breathing. You’re just making noise and pushing your chest in and out. It’s loud and annoying. Stop.”

Lisonse stops for a moment, then restarts.

Lisonse: “It’s an uncomfortable feeling. I’ll just be quite.”

Sim: “You’re leaving a heck of a
trail. That’s a problem.”

Lisonse looks behind him to see huge footprints from running so fast.

Lisonse: “Main road I guess?”

Sim: “We still might have to slow it
down a bit. Any plans?”

Lisonse: “Not really. I just kinda freaked.”

Sim: “If we’re still going with the original plan of informing the public for the ‘greater good’, we need to get a hold of a reporter, maybe several.”

Lisonse: “Police in on it?”

Sim scowls at him.

Sim: “Stop asking stupid questions. I think so since you think so.”

Lisonse: “Well, we could always call… hmm…”

Lisonse goes to grab for his phone, realizing he left it.

Sim: “Nope.”

Lisonse: “We just need to avoid public security cameras.”

Sim: “We?”

Lisonse: “You know what I mean. Also, you asked me if I had a plan knowing that you'd know if I had a plan. So ease up.”

Sim: "I'm that way because you made me so."

Lisonse jogs back to the main road, looks around to see if there are any approaching vehicles, then proceeds to start speeding up.