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Stalker Prince 26

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Act 1 Scene 26

Lisonse puts on the belt.

Lisonse: “Mind if I take off my jacket?”

Mr.Walson: “I was actually going to suggest that. The less volume, the better. The safety cylinders have more than enough room to hold you, but I’d suggest not testing it. We actually had a guy bust his once.”

Lisonse: “Is he alright?”

Mr.Walson laughs.

Mr.Walson: “I’ll put it like this. Two of the janitors committed suicide. In any case, what number’s on the belt?”

Lisonse: “Four.”

Mr.Walson covers his eyes.

Mr.Walson: “Unit four, activate system.”

There is a flash of light and Lisonse is in a suit.

Lisonse: “Wow. Feels strange.”

Lisonse falls over.

Mr.Walson: “Should considering you’re not in your body anymore.”

Lisonse twitches around on the ground.

Mr.Walson: “Something else, ain’t it? That’s the newer reaction system. More or less cancels out any exterior force, barring gravity and what not. It’s kind of like the old isreali tanks, but with kinetic pads.”

Lisonse: “What’s an isreali?”

Mr.Walson laughs.

Mr.Walson: “You know, you kids have it pretty easy. Things seem to be changing slower than they used to. Sometime I’ll have to tell you a tale of poor foreign politics and genetically altered chimp radicals. In any case, the downside is it requires a kind of backwards movement for things as you’ve noticed.”

Lisonse slowly gets up and starts to move around.

Mr.Walson: “All things considerd, you’re doing pretty decent. The one’s you’ll be messing with next week will be easier to ride. Not quite as strong, but basically the same thing.”

Lisonse jumps around for a bit and does a twirl in the air.

Lisonse: “Is this the strongest kind?”

Mr.Walson: “Pretty much, but only because of the reaction system. Think of it as a goal to work towards.”

Lisonse: “Fair enough.”

Lisonse slaps Mr.Walson in the throat. Mr.Walson instantly goes unconscious.

End Act 1