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Stalker Prince 25

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Act 1 Scene 25

Lisonse looks at the display.

Lisonse: “Looks like a costume.”

Mr.Walson: “Well, that’s because it is, but the important thing is it represents a revolution of revolutions. Forget drone hacking and forget AI’s.”

Lisonse: “How?”

Mr.Walson: “Simple. Move around physics.”

Lisonse: “That seems even more complicated.”

Mr.Walson: “It’s a joke. It was incredibly expensive and time consuming. They were actually thinking of dissolving our section when one of the engineers happened upon a method allowing us to access some of the pocket universes with physics somewhat resembling our own. Obviously not exactly like ours or they’d have just joined in with us when ours formed, but close enough for anything sent to come back as it was.”

Lisonse: “I’m gonna be honest with you. I think I understood that, but I’m pretty confused as to how this relates to anything.”

Mr.Walson: “Well, this was big enough for us not to even indirectly patent. Everyone ‘knows’ there’s a multiverse, but that we can’t interact with them. Granted, there are still groups attempting it and we’re still studying the ones we can, but showing that something can be done is tantamount to showing how it’s done. Considering our plans, that doesn’t really make much sense.”

Lisonse: “What do you mean ‘our plans’?”

Mr.Walson: “Plans to study?”

Lisonse: “Fair enough.”

Sim scowls at Lisonse.

Mr.Walson: “In any case, we’ve found a couple that can sustain life. Imagine that. While that’s still a miracle, there’s the unfortunate side effect of what’s basically automatic comatose. Animals, plants, robots, robots covered in various kinds of flesh, unconscious animals like star fish, bacteria, and even viruses. We even tried using some of Section 4’s stuff to attempt remote control via electrical stimulation. Nothing.”

Lisonse: “Sounds like fail.”

Mr.Walson: “Exactly, but don’t interrupt my monologue, this is one of the few speeches I’m pretty passionate about. Considering how troublesome entering subspace was, we were almost ready to shift priorities. Then, one of the techies experimented with going into subspace and trying to control drones here. Eventually, it succeeded. Turns out that conscious thoughts could come out as electrical impulses in an entirely different spectrum. Even better, it’s nearly impossible to break the connection since it’s technically one dimensional. There are currently a few slight problems but we’re relatively close to working them out.”

Lisonse: “What do you mean?”

Mr.Walson: “Well, the one dimensional thing introduces some safety issues. One of the reasons drones stayed around longer than battle suits, keeping in mind drones came first, is because you didn’t have to be on the battle field in order to use a drone. These fellows automatically exchange position with wherever the signal’s coming from. If you’re in an environment where the suit can survive but you can’t and you transform back, you die. All things considered though, that’s unlikely to happen.”

Lisonse: “Wow, that’s kind of a downer. I’m sorry, but I still don’t understand what this has to do with the costume.”

Mr.Walson: “We put super mechanical drone suit things in subspace and you teleport into a safety cylinder in subspace when you transform, where your thoughts control the drone. Boom. Understood?”

Lisonse: “Fair enough.”

Mr.Walson and Lisonse go into a room and Mr.Walson tosses Lisonse a mechanical belt.

Mr.Walson: “Now meet its replacement.”