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Stalker Prince 24

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Act 1 Scene 24

Lisonse wakes up. He takes out his cell phone, switches it to voice record mode, and puts it back in his jacket pocket. Lisonse finds Mr.Walson in the same room as last time.

Mr.Walson: “Ready to have your mind blown?”

Lisonse: “I guess.”

Mr.Walson takes Lisonse down the hall and into an elevator. Once they exit, they walk down another hall with a display.

The first display is that of a bulky mechanical combat suit, standing roughly ten feet tall. Next to it is a sleeker version, standing roughly eight feet tall. Next to it, is a sleeker version, mixed with what looks like cloth muscle, standing roughly seven feet tall. The last display looks like a mannequin covered in cloth with a plastic helmet and belt.

Mr.Walson stops at the first display.

Mr.Walson: “You’re probably a too young to remember these guys.”

Lisonse: “Yeah. I remember something about nobody using them because they were always getting taken.”

Mr.Walson: “It was little more complicated than that, but hacking turned out to be a constant issue for drones. A hundred Euro program to control a hundred-million dollar machine. And of course, as soon as a suitable AI comes along, the UN grants them human rights, even the hard-coded things for muscle control. It was a disaster.”

Lisonse: “Fair enough.”

Lisonse switches on the recorder.

Mr.Walson: “Frankly, the entire place was being run by idiots. They’re cancelling orders, pulling funds, and confiscating everything is some good faith gesture to the UN. Luckily The Organization steps in and soon enough we’ve got these little fellas.”

Mr.Walson stops at the second display.

Mr.Walson: “They’re not much of an
improvement in terms of power and speed, but we’re back to making profits, distributed over proper channels of course. The basics for this thing, broken apart, made something like hundreds of patents.”

Lisonse: “That’s pretty cool.”

Mr.Walson steps to the third display.

Mr.Walson: “More or less the same here. We had to essentially clean up the prior customers since they were becoming a very loud problem. We even ended up with a few more like minded friends. This little guy’s a little faster and a pinch stronger, but weighs a lot less.”

Mr.Walson steps to the final display.

Mr.Walson: “Meet the monster.”