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Privacy Issues

Hey, all!

Firstly I am really psyched about the oort--cloud scene. I cannot wait to share my stories with you.


I am concerned about putting the story right up on a blog for all too
see and also on Google Docs, too. I know, I know, privacy concerns are
for luddites. It's just when I get concerned about privacy, my fingers
sweat and then the sweat puts out the pilot light on my kerosene
laptop. You understand, I'm sure.

Paul and Richard encouraged me to post about it, so here I am. What are everyone elses thoughts?

- Chang


Posting it here is its own protection against theft- I've got evidence in the form of dated documentation and third party witnesses (the hosts of this site) that I didn't tamper with modification dates or anything like that (hey- wait, can I tamper with modification dates?). It's impossible to protect against plagiarism completely, but not posting is like putting plastic on your couch. Yeah, it's protected, but it's also kinda useless.


Not Responsible

I see it as six of one, half

I see it as six of one, half a dozen of the other. Yeah, maybe someone will read something of mine and, because I've posted it under a psuedonym, think that they can get away with claiming it's theirs. But on the other hand... If I don't post what I've written so that it gets poked and prodded and questioned, it'll never get any better or longer or whatever.

For me, getting feedback and constructive criticism is more important than whether someone is going to steal my stuff. And while slapping a Creative Commons label on one's story is a _great_ idea (and one that I heartily agree with), it won't make much difference to a determined plagiarist, it at least gives you a claim to legitimacy if the problem arises.

I totally understand how you

I totally understand how you feel. The thought of someone plagarizing my poor little stories makes my stomach hurt. But I want people to read my things and comment and basically everything this fancy oort-cloud thing is for.
It just doesn't seem fair to me for someone to take what I've worked really hard on and then have them say it's theirs and use it to make money. I guess that sounds a little selfish, but my stories are a huge part of me, and it feels a little like if someone were to kidnap my child and then put them in a sweatshop. Ok maybe that analogy went a little far, but I think it conveys the concept.
But then that's what this little thing is for:
"This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 License.

I think with that, I'm stating how I feel about my work and it's use. That way, people know where I stand, and hopefully would respect my wishes.
(p.s. grr... it's supposed to make a button, but I can't get it to. Ah well, the link works just as well.)

Huh. I like that. Can we

Huh. I like that. Can we put that in the link for all our stories? Rich? Paul? I may just do that. I feel better about putting stuff here so shortly I will put my story up. My one story. One teeny-tiny story.

- C R T
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We sure can. Paul and I are

We sure can. Paul and I are planning to add that feature to oort-cloud. We have to make some preparations to get the site ready for it, but we hope to have it available for everyone soon.


I tried to get the link they gave me to turn into a spiffy buttonlinkthing but I think the html is broken. It might be kindof cool to have a pull down list option thingie for each entry? Ianno.
(thingie is the word of the day...)