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Stalker Prince 23

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Act1 Scene 23

Mr.Walson: “You’re early. Something up? I thought I heard you talking to someone.”

Lisonse: “Going over tactical stuff.”

Mr.Walson: “Is everything in order?”

Lisonse: “I think so.”

Mr.Walson: “You seem kinda down. Still sad over the little dead simulation girl thing?””

Lisonse: “Kinda.”

Mr.Walson: “Alright. That’s good; I wouldn’t have known how to deal with orphan stuff.”

Lisonse: “You know it’s actually been a while since I’ve thought about them.”

Mr.Walson: “Now would probably be the best time to get that out of the way, pasts and what not. Don’t worry; come Wednesday, none of this will even matter anymore.”

Lisonse: “What do you mean?”

Mr.Walson: “Nothing. That is to say, a new outlook on life produces a new life. Since you’re getting a new life, the reverse should be true.”

Lisonse: “Fair enough”

Mr.Walson: “What do you say I give a sneak peak though? Do you think that’s cheer you up?”

Lisonse: “I guess. Would it be alright if I took a nap first?”

Mr.Walson: “Sure I guess.”

Lisonse walks to the barracks in lays in bed with Sim sitting on the next one beside him.

Sim: “Doesn’t sound like he followed. He’s clearly evil.”

Lisonse: “All things considered, this is probably the best option.”

Sim: “Playing around with your speech. Wonder how long it’d take for someone to realize you’re talking to someone.”

Lisonse is silent as Sim begins to look pouty.

Sim: “Since you won’t kill him, you could always sell him out. Record him and alert the authorities playing the part of the concerned citizen and collect the reward. He’s practically admitted to being part of a patent collecting scheme. Potential illegal medical testing. Theoretical arm twisting. Best of all, tax evasion. I don’t have to tell you how rich you could end up roasting these punks. Just sleep on it.”

Lisonse closes his eyes.