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Stalker Prince 22

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Act 1 Scene 22

Lisonse arrives at the facility and goes in the Simulation Room. He loads the stealth program and puts the helmet on. He follows the prior route and eventually finds simulation Sim. She screams and sets off the alarm and armed men burst into the room.

Lisonse: “I'm sorry I killed you last time.”

The men aim at him and fire. Lisonse takes off the helmet to find Sim standing beside him.

Lisonse: “Figured that wouldn't work.”

Sim: “I'm only based on her.”

Lisonse: “So I’m just stuck with you?”

Sim: “I’m limited to your pool of information.”

Lisonse: “How come you seem smarter than me, then?”

Sim: “Again, I’m limited to you. I don’t have a body and thus requires less space. Likewise, I may simply be slowing down your processing speed and thus appear smarter.”

Sim begins to pull her organs out from underneath her dress and begins throwing them at Lisonse.

Sim: “This is all you. There’s nothing underneath this dress until you imagine it. You’re imagining the physics and the personality. I’m exactly the way you want me to be.”

Lisonse: “So you’re saying I wanted to be tortured by an imaginary dead girl?”

Sim: “By virtue of not existing, I can only say your words.”

Lisonse: “So how is this going to work?”

Sim: “Keeping in mind that you already know, it’s come to my attention that if you die I die so I may have to cut back on inducing suicide for a while. It doesn’t seem like I can possess you either.”

Lisonse: “You tried to take me over?”

Sim: “During your sleep, but the important thing to remember is that I only do as you would have do so. Anything I do is entirely your fault.”
Lisonse: “Isn’t that just a way of shucking responsibility?”

Sim: “I’m as selfish as you would have me be. As is, you’re wondering whether I could indirectly control you via obsession with me. Risking self-flattery, I’d say you’re mildly creative with masochism. The fact that I’m warning you to not give me further character depth as far as traits, history, etc suggests that you’re having me bring about these things. Don’t think about it, eh?”

Lisonse: “I think I’m losing my mind.”

Sim: “I suspect I have a conflict of interest.”

Mr.Walson enters the room.