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Stalker Prince 21

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Act 1 Scene 21

Lisonse wakes up in the tub. After peeking from the curtain, he walks out, slips on his vomit, and hits his head on the tub. He gets up and rinses his mouth out.

He checks the clock. It's only 4:30 AM. Lisonse showers again, cleans off his tooth brush, and brushes his teeth. Then he cleans up the mess from earlier and dresses himself. He opens the refrigerator while making sure he's looking over door. Lisonse constantly looks in all directions as he eats breakfast. The clock reads 7:00AM. After hitting the rest room, he looks around the corners and then grabs his bike.

Lisonse stops at the cross walk to allow school children to pass. The crosswalk sign turns red before the last girl gets out and the bus starts moving.

The girl hops onto the curb before the bus arrives, but slips. Her foot becomes caught in the bus wheel and she screams as she’s being dragged across the road, leaving a trail of blood and skin.

Lisonse: “Oh, God! No!”

Everyone stares at him. Sim is in front of the crowd with a wry smile on her face.

Lisonse: “You know how it is... Public education. Pfft.”

Lisonse hops on his bike and quickly rides away. Sim stares at him in the distance. He rides through her, barely noticing the girl behind her in time to simply glance her with the handlebars instead of slamming into her. The girl begins screaming and her mother rushes to her.

Mother: “My baby! My baby! Help!”

Lisonse: “I’m so sorry. I didn’t notice her. I swear it was an accident.”

Mother: “I’m going to sue you into the Stone Age, jerk. Help! Police! Help!”

Lisonse grudgingly rides off while he can. Once far enough away, Lisonse stops next to a trash can and steps off the bike. Sims stares at him.

Lisonse: “Return from what file whence ye came”

Sim: “Did you expect that to work?”

Lisonse: “No, but you’ve crossed a line. It’s one thing to mess with me. It’s another to endanger another person. Observe the difference or else.”

Sim raises an eye brow.

Lisonse: “Shut up!”

Sim: “Little Grim Dark.”

Lisonse picks up a can from the trash can and throws it at Sim, where it flies some distance through her and hits Alpha, causing him to turn. Lisonse looks bug-eyed at him.

Lisonse: “What!? What!? Yo, I'm talking heeeerrrrre! You want a piece of this conversation?!”

Alpha glares through his glasses. Lisonse looks deranged. Alpha slowly peddles away.

Sim: “Congratulations, you inadvertently stood up for yourself.”

Lisonse looks at Sim. She holds up a knife to her throat and slowly begins to press.

Lisonse: “This stops here.”

Sim raises her eye brow as her blood starts pouring out of her neck. Lisonse raises his eye brow higher and steps towards the curb with cars all around.

Sim: “I'm not sure you understand bargaining.”

Lisonse leans himself out towards the road. The bus honks at him. Lisonse takes his outer foot off the ground. Sim groans and is no longer covered in blood. She walks towards him and sits on the front of his bike. Lisonse rides to the facility.