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Stalker Prince 20

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Act 1 Scene 20

Lisonse jumps and falls off bed.

Sim: “You knew you were predisposed for VR addiction and went in anyways.”

Lisonse: “You’re not real.”

Sim: “That’s hardly a factor.”

Lisonse: “I'm ignoring you.”

Sim: “Ignoring yourself?”

Lisonse: “No, I’m ignoring you.”

Sim: “It's not ignoring if you reply.”

Lisonse: “I'm ignoring you after this reply.”

Sim: “What?”

Lisonse: “I’m …”

Lisonse glares at Sim, and then
closes his eyes to find himself alone. Lisonse wakes to the sound of his alarm clock.

He opens the refrigerator door and finds some orange juice. Lisonse sniffs, then sips it. He closes the door to reveal Sim and spits out the juice. Lisonse closes his eyes and again, finds himself alone.

Lisonse is shown getting into the shower and turns on the water, only to scream. Lisonse begins to brush his teeth when Sim appears just out of the corner of his vision, staring wide eyed at him. He simply continues to brush.

Lisonse: “This whole ‘Surprise, I’m Here!’ thing’s getting old. I'm sorry you're deadish, but you're not real. Also, I've gotten used to you here, so you've kinda wasted your sneak attack hauntings. I can ignore you in public.”

Sim digs her fingers underneath her eye lids and starts loudly pulling the eye pulp and surrounding meat. Lisonse almost swallows the tooth brush, throws up, crawls into the tub, yanks the curtains shut, and curls into a ball. Sim presses herself against the curtain, stares at Lisonse and breathes slowly as several seconds pass.

Sim: “This is going to be good.”

Lisonse shuts his eyes, and then opens his eyes.

Sim: “Nope”