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Stalker Prince 18

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Act 1 Scene 18

The meals are served to everyone except Section 4.

Santi: “So do y’all not eat?”

Raul: “Well, we eat but this stuff doesn’t work well. Staying sterile is a major part of hindering decay.”

While eating, Section 3 points at Santi.

Section 3 Head: “So is the nano guy?”

Mr.Walson: “No, the scrawny one.”

Section 3 Head: “So what all do they do?”

Lisonse: “They don’t really work. They stay in place decent enough though.”

Section 3 Head: “Kinda lame, Ralph.”

Mr.Walson: “Give me a bit and I’ll have them working. Besides, you seem to
be lacking in interesting stuff.”

Section 3 Head: “Pfft. Sarah here has conscious amnesia. She can actually delete information from her mind. Irretrievable. Beat that.”

Section 3 Head slaps Sarah on the back, knocking her off the chair. Sarah gets back up.

Mr.Walson: “Oh. Funny. Way I remember, we did last year.”

Santi leans over to Lisonse.

Santi: “Lot of hate in here.”

Lisonse laughs.

Sarah: “So can you do anything?”

Santi kisses his arms.

Santi: “Yo, baby. I’m the gun man. Boom. Boom.”

Sarah laughs.

Santi gets up and stretches his legs, then taps his feet.

Santi: “Hey, Lisonse. I got The Jitter Bug. Jeez, you’re boring.”

Section 3 Head: “I understand you’re young and don’t mean anything by it, but try to imagine what it’s like to lose a parent to Dancing Fever. It starts off kinda funny. Involuntary patterned movements. Even infected people laugh at first. They can strap you down and drug you to keep you from muscle tears. The drugs’ll even stop the second symptom when you start to sing, but it doesn’t stop the brain from burning out.”

Section 3 Head gets teary eyed.

Section 3 Head: “By the end, she was practically drowning in her own sweat. Nobody cared about civil rights violations. They’d quarantine you in clumps with hazmat guy itching to roast you. There’s that split second each time someone goes to stretch, where everyone’s heart stops. Thank god we caught it before it mutated. Two million people dead. Liberal arts practically banned by association. Music industry tanked. Double-dip recession. Just keep that in mind the next time you crack a joke about it.”

Santi: “Wow… I’m sorry.”

Section 3 Head bursts out into laughter followed by the rest of the section heads. There are high fives all around.

Section 3 Head: “Just kidding. I don’t even know anyone that got infected.”

Santi: “Wow… You might actually by the worst person I’ve ever met.”

Section 3 Head: “Yeah, but tell me that wasn’t epic.”

Santi: “Wow… I’m not sure how I’m supposed to feel right now.”

Section 1 Head: “If everyone’s done making fun of sick people, I think this meeting’s set.”

Raul: “I’ve got a Super Aids joke if anyone’s interested.”

Sarah: “So a rabid priest, a rabbi, and a…”

Section 1 Head: “Your loyalty scans are acceptable. Leave.”