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Stalker Prince 16

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Act 1 Scene 16

Lisonse is nudge awake.

Rob: “Hey, are you alright? You were mumbling a lot in your sleep.”

Lisonse: “I think so. What time is it?”

Rob: “About 6:30.”

Lisonse groans.

Lisonse: “Is there a place to get something to eat around here?”

Rob: “Yeah, they’ve got pretty much everything around here. The food’s not amazing, but it’s free. Oh, the boss wanted to see you once you’re done. Something about a meeting.”

Lisonse is shown eating quickly, brushing his teeth, and then exiting from the shower area in clean clothes. He then heads to Mr.Walson’s office.

Lisonse: “You wanted to see me?”

Mr.Walson: “Yeah, we got that thing with the other sections today.”

Santi appears.

Santi: “Not that I’m complaining, but shouldn’t one of the guys from my group have been here? We won.”

Mr.Walson: “Well, technically his team got second place and I felt it’d be nice to another group represented.”

Santi: “Kay”

Mr.Walson brings the two youths into his car and pulls out four tiny pads
and hands two to Santi and Lisonse.

Lisonse: “What are these?”

Mr.Walson: “Inhibitors. Rules are rules. By next time, you’ll have learned all the rules and this won’t be an issue.”

Lisonse and Santi put them on and instantly pass out. The inhibitors are taken off and they find themselves at another location.

Mr.Walson: “Welcome to Base.”

Mr.Walson begins walking and the two youths follow. They’re lead through a hallway with two guards at the end. Through the door, they enter a room with large table. The other three Sections are already seated.

Section 4 Head: “Are you the new guys?”

Lisonse and Santi look at each other.

Section 4 Head: “It’s alright. We’re full people.”

The two youths look at Mr.Walson for verification. He nods.