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Stalker Prince 13

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Act 1 Scene 13

TV: “A full person is aware of their environment. You are full people. Full people are part of The Organization. The Organization’s information is for full people only.”

The film ends and the youths get up.

Mr.Walson: “I think we’ll call it quits for today. Get a good night’s sleep.”

The youths leave. Lisonse is shown entering his house and placing his personal bike its place. He then eats, brushes his teeth, takes a shower and goes to bed.

Lisonse is shown going through his routine. Lisonse arrives at the hub and checkes his routes. He then picks up his packages and leaves. During the route, Lisonse looks around at people and the area and begins mumbling.

Lisonse: “Clothes. Food. Pace.”

Lisonse sees a man jogging.

Lisonse: “Body movements. Routines.”

Lisonse hits a bump in the road.

Lisonse: “Social status.”

Lisonse arrives at the destination and delivers the package. The man thanks him.

Lisonse delivers the rest of the packages and proceeds towards the facility. He’s shown working out, then going into the sim room and putting on the helmet. Lisonse is now in the woods. He walks around the area checking out various spots. He breaks a few limbs and puts them into the shape of a fort.

Lisonse: “Exit simulation now”

Lisonse then puts his helmet back on and loads the woods sim again. Lisonse goes back to his fort to find it’s no longer there so he goes back to the original spots where he gathered the materials to find them in their original state.

Lisonse: “Exit simulation now”

Lisonse leaves the sim room and goes searching around until he finds Mr.Walson chatting on his phone.

Mr.Walson: “Yes, sir. Basic blocks are…”

Mr.Walson notices Lisonse.

Mr.Walson: “Sir, do you mind if I call you back?”

Mr.Walson waits for a second and hangs up.

Lisonse: “I was wondering if I’d be able to get a hold of any martial arts sims?”

Mr.Walson grins.

Mr.Walson: “Well, those are really for later when everyone arrives.”

Lisonse: “Is there a problem really with me accessing them? Seems like a personal power thing.”

Mr.Walson laughs.

Mr.Walson: “You kind of remind me of me when I was younger. I mean, literally, I was fitter, richer, and less socially awkward, but you remind me of me when I would show up to class early and try to sneak a peek into the teacher’s desk. We’ll just keep this our little secret.”

Mr. Walson and Lisonse go to the sim room and Mr.Walson types in something into the computer screen, waves at Lisonse and leaves. Lisonse clicks on the screen, then walks over the chair and puts on the helmet.