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Stalker Prince 11

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Act 1 Scene 11

Mr.Walson and Lisonse are circling each other with Wright and Rob in the background.

Mr.Walson: “Throw your best shot.”

Lisonse throws a punch, only to be blocked and then slapped by Mr.Walson.

Mr.Walson: “Fair enough. Give me a kick.”

Lisonse kicks only to be blocked and slapped by Mr.Walson.

Mr.Walson: “I said ‘hit me’”

Lisonse: “Well, you technically said you’d li..”

Mr.Walson slaps Lisonse hard enough to knock Lisonse over.

Lisonse: “Ouch! This actually hurts worse than just getting mugged. Remind me how fighting benefits me?”

Mr.Walson: “First of all, you can’t fight yet. You’re learning. I mean, you REALLY can’t fight. But that’s not your fault. Your generation was actually raised to be aversive tow..”

Lisonse swings at Mr.Walson, but his punch is blocked and Mr.Walson slaps him back down.

Mr.Walson: “Nice try, but it’ll be a while before you’re sneaking on me. Good thinking though. Outwit your opponent.”

Mr.Walson points at Wright and Rob.

Mr.Walson: “I want to see you two practicing the same stuff. Ten minutes should do as a starter.”

Lisonse is then shown leaving the locker room. Mr.Walson stops him and hands him an ice pack.

Mr.Walson: “You’re not too banged up. By tomorrow you’ll be able to go again. Remember, it’s going to take some time to master this. But those things’ll knock out a decent amount of the work.”

Mr.Walson points towards the sim room.

Lisonse: “That’s going to make his better fighters?”

Mr.Walson: “Well, technically. It can do anything for you physically, but it can do wonders for learning techniques. Heck, before their budgets were slashed, the military was one of our original sponsors.”

Lisonse: “I was kinda wondering about that. I mean, everything here is pretty expensive. Is this a military program or something.”

Mr.Walson chuckles.

Mr.Walson: “Or something. After the war, social integration popped up as a pretty big voter issue and all the excess green industry bailout funds had just been allocated. So, there was a tax incentive to establish community infrastructure programs. There wasn’t much of a required paper trail at first, so the company ended up turning some of its research programs into community centers. Eventually, we had to change to meet federal standards, but by then we were the section that we are today. As it is, we’re about to cut all ties to the public sector soon enough.”