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Stalker Prince 8

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Act 1 Scene 8

Lisonse follows his basic routine but before leaving, he logs onto his computer and checks for routes not bordering dead zones. Lisonse looks at the spot where is work bike used to be and clutches at the sky in bizarrely serious pose.

Lisonse: “Why!” in a growling voice.

He then grabs his personal bike and heads out. Lisonse arrives at delivery hub, grabs his packages and leaves. Mr. Chesney says nothing. Lisonse rides around skittishly for the rest of the day, but delivers all the packages and goes home.

After bringing his bike inside Lisonse begins working out; pushups, sit-ups, etc. Showers are taken, dinner is consumed, and Lisonse is in bed relaxed, but still thinking.

The weekend arrives and Lisonse is shown biking to the community center. Mr. Richards is at the front desk and looks surprised to see him.

Lisonse: “Don’t suppose Mr.Walson is here?”

Mr.Richards: “No. He’s only around here when he wants something. You’re one of his members now, so you’re technically not allowed here. I can show you his public number.”

Lisonse plugs in the number

Mr.Richards showed him.

Mr.Walson: “Richards, your timing is not ideal.”

Lisonse: “Actually it’s me, Lisonse. Probably should’ve asked this last time, but when’s the weekend event start?”

Mr.Walson: “I didn’t mention that?”

Lisonse: “No”

Mr.Walson: “Wow. I’m not much for vill… till… telling time. I’ll send out a call. Out of curiosity, where are you calling from?”

Lisonse: “Community Center”

Mr.Walson: “Why don’t you ride here on your bike? Early bird gets the worm. That sort of thing.”

Lisonse arrives at the facility sweating. Mr.Walson is at the front gate with an ID card with Lisonse’s information on it. Once inside, Mr.Walson has him set up chairs, snacks, tables, etc. Within the hour the others arrive and another action movie is shown.

Movie: “I’m entitled to it, that’s why! You can give it to me or I’ll sue you!”

The movie ends with a blam and the work out begins. Lisonse’s calves are burning and while he looks a little better form-wise, he’s still weak. Afterwards, the youths are taken to the padded room and shown beginning martial arts techniques. None of the youths are able to be precise. Showers are taken and the youths are brought into the sim room. Lisonse looks at it nervously.

Mr.Walson: “Today, you’ll more or less be running around in a practice environment. For most of you, this’ll only be a little different than some of the newer consoles. You’ll actually be prepped during this, but the main thing is to get used to the feeling. Today, you’ll each be in a separate environment, but after this we’ll start integrating you all together. So, if you’ll each hop in, we’ll get started.”

Lisonse sits in one of the large chairs and tries to relax his breathing. There’s a little bit of sweat running down his forehead. Lisonse wipes it off and places the semi-bulky helmet on. He switches it on and is full of stars.