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Stalker Prince 7

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Act 1 Scene 7

Mr. Walson gives a tour of the facility. Beyond the lounge is a long hallway with several locked reinforced doors. Mr. Walson shows them a gym connected to a padded room.

Mr. Walson: "You'll be spending plenty of time here. A full person carries himself. But let's start off with a workout."

The youths are given generic workout clothes and do some basic exercises. Most have no form and the weight varies from person to person. Lisonse is shown bench pressing decent weight but running out steam quickly. After showers are taken, they are shown to a bright room containing half tubes with a sort of padded head gear.

Mr. Walson: "In here, we have equipment for training your mind. The TV is essentially based on the same sim technology you were provided with in school for pre learning. Were any of you around when the original models came out?"

Everyone but Lisonse and another youth raise their hands. Mr. Walson raises an eyebrow.

Rob: "I graduated the year after Georgia legalized them."

Lisonse: "Oh. I was kinda homeschooled."

Mr.Walson: "Sorry about that. In any case, the older models had to be worn for about an hour to prep your mind for being able to rapidly absorb and retain three or four hours of material. These take about ten minutes.”

Santi: "This stuff sounds pretty expensive."

Mr. Walson: "It technically is. But that's part of the price of being the curve. We’re actually close to fixing the problem preventing direct information transfer. As it is, we’ve reduced the number of times neural pathways has to be prepped before learning at optimum pace. But none of you are paying attention, are you?”

The group snaps to attention.

Santi: “Sorry, bro. Got kinda lame there.”

Mr.Walson: “Play your cards right and you all may get the chance to mess with it. Guess that’s all for today.”

Santi: “So you’re dangling this in front of us and telling us to wait?”

Mr. Walson has a smirk on his face.

Mr. Walson: “Since you’re all coming back this weekend it shouldn’t be a problem, right? It also goes without saying that this club is exclusive and everything concerning it or its members is classified.”

Rob: "What's the deal with saying 'It goes without saying'?"

Mr. Walson sighs.

Mr. Walson: "Let me give you a ride back to the community center, Lisonse."

The youths are released. Some get on a bus. Others have bikes. The car ride is silent. Lisonse bikes home with an anxious look on his face.