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Stalker Prince 6

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Act 1 Scene 6

One of the youths raises his hand.

Rex: “I was actually wondering what the deal was with the TV screen. I mean, the image was like super def. Sup with that?”

Mr.Walson: “Well, it’s Ultra def. It uses a short range electro magnetic signal to induce the feeling of watching a higher definition image than viewing the actual object. It’s technically not new. But back to the point, your survey results combined with ideal social records make you preferred candidates for a semi-experimental youth program designed to push you physically and mentally. I’d like you to move into groups of three.”

Lisonse looks at Wright. Wright has a blank stare on his face. The others pair up. Rex looks at them.

Rex: “Y’all got a third?”

Lisonse: “Guess not.”

Rex: “Y’all got names?”

Lisonse: “Lisonse”

Wright: “Tom, Tom Wright”

Rex: “Name’s Rex”

Mr.Walson: “We’re going to start off doing some basic workout.”

Ted: “Wait… How’s that any different from those community center routines?”

Mr.Walson: “Hold on… there’s a purpose to this beyond merely being a healthy citizen. Have any of you heard of martial arts?”

Lisonse: “That’s the fighting stuff from flicks, right? I think that’s illegal.”

Mr.Walson: “And why is that?”

Lisonse: “Because people would fight with it?”

Mr.Walson: “Well, yes. But police are taught certain defense techniques. Why should they be the only ones able to defend themselves?

Lisonse: “So they can defend us? Never put much thought in it.”

Mr.Walson: “Exactly. After a while, you’ll be questioning everything… In a good way.”

Lisonse: “That sounded kinda evil.”

Mr.Walson: “Yeah, I know. Let me rephrase that. We’re all told to question authority. However, we’re taught how to phrase those questions, thus limiting the actual questions. I intend to expand your range of thought.”