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Stalker Prince 1

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Act 1 Scene1
Setting: Crowded party, full of chatter.

Protagonist is standing while sipping from cup. Mr. Richards taps him on the shoulder.

Mr. Richards: “I’ve been looking for you. I want to introduce someone to you.This is Mr.License.”

Lisonse: "Lisonse"

Mr.Walson: puts out hand to shake Lisonse's. “In any case, it’s a little peculiar to get a neighborhood transfer halfway through the season.”

Lisonse: sips drink. “Well, my girlfriend felt we should see other people, so I applied for an apartment but they figured since this area’s youth quotas are down and I’m kind of an extenuating case, that I shouldn’t have to wait until season’s end to move.”

Mr.Walson: “Rick here said something about that. To tell the truth, I’m something of a nut for a good story. Mind telling me?”

Lisonse: gives a suspicious eye to Mr. Richards. “I was kind of under the impression that as a community leader, any private conversations were confidential.”

Mr. Richards: Puts hand on Protagonist’s shoulder. “Easy there. I didn’t give any specifics. In any case, Mr.Walson represents a more exclusive community group for our region. Mr.Walson is equally bound to the same confidentiality as me. Excluding the filing of some unnecessary paperwork, there’s nothing wrong with passing along some minor information to another group that may better fit your tastes based on your survey results.”

Protagonist: Eyes Mr.Walson. “Okay. After dad died in the border situation, mom joined a white power movement. They injected me and most of my classmates with nanites around second grade. The idea was to allow full conscious control of bodily functions. Learn faster. Be stronger. Out breed everyone else. The whole works. Mine actually didn’t work, but they kept me around since mom was one of the doctors. They usually had someone monitoring us throughout the day since folks knew that nanomachines were potentially carcinogenic even back then. She stepped out to blow her nose or something and I mentioned something about immortality. TV program or something. Since RNA’s aging function is the body’s primary cancer defense, I kind of accidentally doomed everybody. The keepers found out but by then, they were too late. Within seventy-two hours, I was the experiment’s sole failure and survivor. Long story short, mom threw herself out a window, the other parents had a gun battle with the feds, and I was raised by the state.”

Mr.Walson: “Wow…”

Lisonse: “Yeah…”

Mr.Walson: “Well, in any case, enjoy the shows and we’ve got a gym across the hall with a pool out back. Just give it some thought and feel free to refuse. Doing so won’t affect your social records.”

Very interesting world

Very interesting world you've set up in this segment. However, I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around Lisonse's speech near the end. I don't see the connection between the 'immortality' comment and the mass die-off.

Maybe I'm just missing something very obvious...

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I was attending a lecture on

I was attending a lecture on RNA's part in aging and according to the researcher, aging is actually an anti-cancer adaptation. We all get cancer frequently, but cancer cells age faster than normal cells and usually die off before causing significant trouble. Apparently, there is a threshold regarding the number of infected cells cancer requires to overcome this defense.

In some of the studies, they hindered RNA's aging and the cancer cells rapidly infected the entire cluster.

I may reword the dialogue, but I try to throw terms and concepts around as if everyone in the period recognizes it as common sense to give a world a certain feel. Kinda hit or miss.