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When you post a work of fiction here on Oort-Cloud, you should carefully consider your options for copyleft/copyright.

Oort-Cloud exists primarily for the posting of copyleft-ish works, i.e. works that are "open." This is not to say that you cannot post works that are copyrighted. Just be aware that copyright runs counter to the mission of Oort-Cloud which is to promote openness both in distribution and in content. (See the various pages tagged openlit for more details).

The method of choice here on Oort-Cloud for posting open works is the Creative Commons license (started by Lawrence Lessig).

Creative Commons maintains an exceptional list of pages explaining how to use Creative Commons' licenses. In particular, take a look at these:

Once you choose from the variety of Creative Commons licenses, and attach the resultant code into your story, your work should then become available for searching in the Creative Commons Search.

For more on the concept of "copyleft" see:

Remember, it is your choice as to how open you want to be with your work. You can share characters, settings, or just stories -- whatever you choose.