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Time to start writing!

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I was reading slashdot (I know, I know) and came upon an Oort-Cloud reference. It put me in a dander!

Here's the URL:

I feel bad. Sniffle, sniffle.

But it makes me wanna write to prove this fellow wrong.

Argh, that does sting a bit.

Argh, that does sting a bit. But I think you're right that the best response is to take it as an opportunity.

Paul and I have had some ideas about how to give the site a freshening up, and we'd also love to hear any ideas you guys have about improvements we could make around here. We'll be glad to make them happen if we can.

In any case, thanks for defending our collective honor!

And, come to think of it, I *do* have a couple pieces lying around that could use some polishing....

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It's hard to just post something, just jot something down, something off-the-cuff first-drafty that's for public consumption.

As for ideas for oort-cloud: you want a separate thread or whut?


You know, a separate post is

You know, a separate post is an even better idea.

Allow me.


I think we're a bit better than that, but hey, I've been through some sh*t in the past year.

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Indeed. I can only imagine the beating some have endured. Yet, here we are. Sometimes, just showing up counts as a win.


"Hard pounding this, gentlemen. Let's see who will pound the longest." --The Duke of Wellington.

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my reply on /.

I can't remember my /. password and that email account is long gone, so I posted as an Anonymous Coward. Here's my reply:

Oort-Cloud is an experiment, one that is currently senescent. I understand you are disappointed in the site, but as an OC contributor, I hope you realize that the result of an experiment depends on the variables you mix together. I think the OC still holds the promise for interesting results.