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Door script

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Location: Small windowless concrete room with barrel with insignia in corner.

Camera: Pointed at door. Room is dark, but light from outside room is showing through.
Sounds: People running. People breathing hard. Door knobs being checked.

Scene: two men in military outfits check door knob. Door swings open. Lights turn on. Both men realize room is small and leads no where. They’re about to check other rooms when groans and moans are heard.

Man #1: “Shit”

Scene: Man#1 closes and locks door. A few seconds later, shadows of three to four people quickly appear underneath door. Both men are sweaty.

Sounds: Banging fists against door with one banging louder than the others. Groans and moans are heard again. Both men are still breathing hard.

Man#2: “We should’ve checked a few more rooms. There still would’ve been time to run back in here. Now we’re stuck.”

Scene: Man#1 sits down with back against wall. “Look. We were due back for duty in seventy-two hours. Subtract the drive from base. Minus the time for the physicals. Throw in the meals, bathroom breaks, and sleep. Double that for when we’re suppose to get out of here and we’ve only got to wait for about a day. We’re safe. Additional security’s probably on the way. Hell, they’ll probably snap out of it before they even get here.”

Man#2: “We don’t know that. That’s just what the mustache doctor said. For all we know, him saying that’s part of the experiment. Hell, maybe it’s still on and they’re watching.” Checks for cameras.

Man#1: “This is a storage closet, there aren’t any cameras.”

Man#2 checks around barrel and then checks barrel for leaks. “Isn’t this what they were using?”

Man#1: “I don’t know. Are we zombies right now?”

Man#2: “The seal’s not busted.” Points finger at Man#1. “Besides, they weren’t zombies until you said they were acting like zombies. Before that, they were just creepy stoned.”

Man#1: “Whoa, hold on. Tim’s the one who said that. Not me. I said something about Chris eating and munchies and that was it. Tim said that, then Bill laughed and went Night of the Living Dead on him. That’s when shit fell apart. Sit down. You’re making me nervous.”

Man#2: “We’re trapped inside a closet with super cannibals outside and my pacing is making you nervous?”

Man#1: “More nervous than if you were sitting down. Just sit down.”

Man#2 sits down with back to the opposite wall of Man#1.

Sounds: Pounding on door, groaning, and moaning continues. Men are silent.

Man#2: “Got any cards?”

Man#1: “No”

Man#2: “Why do you think we’re not tweaking like them?”

Man#1: “I don’t know. This is going to go by pretty slow if we play detective.”

Man#2: “I’m sorry, but it’s a little hard to not think about something when it’s trying to knock down the door to eat you. I mean, I know you use a control, but you’re supposed to separate it from the experiment group, right?”

Man#1: Sounding tired, “Probably. Hell, maybe we’re resistant and there’s a control group somewhere else in here. Maybe it’s to see if you don’t need to drug the whole group to make the whole group go crazy. Maybe we’re the ones hallucinating.” Closes eyes.

Man#2: “Probably pretty low on the list of priorities, but do you think we still get paid if everything goes horribly wrong?”

Man#1: “Not sure. Assuming that neither you nor what’s outside this isn’t part of the experiment, maybe we get bonus hush money or faster promotion or something. Then again, maybe it’s a conspiracy and everyone gets a bullet or cyanide pill or breaks cut or something. I’m still more concerned with the door.”

Man#2: “Fair enough. I could just use the cash is all. I actually wanted to do comedy, but after dad died, mom and my brother needed help with bills so I enlisted.”

Man#1: “How'd he die?”

Man#2: “He drowned while giving swimming lessons, but it's because he had a stroke in the deep end, so it wasn't ironic or anything”

Man#1: Gives Man#2 a mixed expression of distress and partial grin. “That's not some kind of swimming instructor drowning while teaching strokes joke is it?

Man#2: “No. None of the disabled kids he was teaching were able to get to him in time.”

Man#1: “... Sorry, it’s just that I had a teacher who did some tear jerker about seeing a drunk guy beat his dog at a gas station. Anyways, you find at the end that it’s a joke about the dog running out of gas.”

Man#2: “How’s your arm by the way? Looks like Dave took a chunk out of you.”

Man#1: “Decent. I’m not tripping, so I don’t think any of it got in me. Well, I mean I know there’d be some still in your mouth so if you bit someone, a little would get in the cut. But I’m not feeling anything.”

Man#2: jokingly “Well, would you really know if you were? I mean, I’m not saying you sound paranoid or anything, but tell me if you start feeling crazy, okay?”

Man#1: “I’m definitely paranoid and I know they started off being paranoid, but it’s because you know”, makes thumbs up movement towards door. “Everybody itches when you talk about fleas. Not that I’m saying you’re making me paranoid, but it’d almost be weird if you weren’t paranoid. Besides, I’m more worried about infection. There was a thing on about how a guy died from a fight bite within twenty-four hours.”

Man#2: “Come to think of it, Dave got drenched when he tackled the guard next to the barrel.” Checks to see shadows under door and counts. “I’m only seeing four. Do you think he OD’d?”

Man#1: Licks lips. “That or bled out. I can’t imagine breaking a viewing window from near sideways and not cutting an artery. You could also probably toss in heart attack. ”

Sounds: Pounding on door, groaning, and moaning continues. Men are silent.

Man#1: Closes eyes and tilts head against wall. “Sound’s getting old. Like a TV with nothing but static on.”

Man#2: “Or Chinese water torture.”

Man#1 stays put with tilted head

Man#2: “It’s where you bind some one and hold a huge block of ice above their head and let it melt so that droplets of water hit their forehead and it’s supposed to drive you insane because you can’t guess when it’s going to hit because it’s not melting at the same rate, so it’s like a bunch of moments of anticipation when it doesn’t fall when you think it will and a bunch of times of unpreparedness when it falls too soon for you to prepare yourself. It’s supposed to be unbearable.”

Man#1: “As opposed to getting wailed on with a block of ice?”

Man#2: “Supposedly, anyways.”

Man#1: Rubs face with hands. “Don't suppose you've got a cigarette?”
Man#2: Chuckles. “Sorry, all out of cigarettes. Use your imagination”

Sounds: The pounding on the door sounds stronger.

Man#1: “Got any plans if it busts?”

Man#2: “It's not ideal, but I know some karate.”

Man#1: “Probably would've been helpful if you'd used it earlier.”

Man#2: “I'm not confident that it's effective against drugged up zombies. That's why I said not ideal. I'd rather the door hold. Is it hot in here to you?”

Man#1: “Yeah. But non-stop talking in small unventilated rooms will do that.”

Man#2: “Sorry. It’s just that I’d rather do that than have nothing but static in my ear.” Thumbs towards door and begins pacing.

Man#1 gives Man#2 a look of irritation.

Man#2: Bangs on door. “Damn it Ted, you’re not crazy! You weren’t even weird until the others went berserk!”

Sounds: One of the moans stops and the others change pitch. “Whh.. aat.. what?” is heard, followed by the squeak of shoes attempting to flee, followed by screams and “zombie” feeding. The door knob yanks a few times.

Scene: Some blood comes from underneath the door gap.

Man#2 goes back to wall and sits down with hands covering face. “God… I was just irritable about the sound. I don’t remember who was like what.”

Man#1: “Wait, try it again.”

Man#2: Stressed, “After what just happened?! I just killed Ted!”

Man#1: “No, I mean do it to all of them. Power of suggestion, like convincing a bunch of drunk people that they’re sober. Here.” Gets up next to door with Man#2.

Man#2: “I don’t think that’s how it works.”

Man#1: “Look, it just has to work long enough to separate them in different locked rooms so they can’t harm anybody. Assuming this still isn’t-”

Man#2: interrupts “Assuming, I know.”

Man#1: “…Then we call security if they’re not already on their way.”

Man#1: At same time as Man#2, “Ryan! You’re not a zombie! Dan! You’re not a zombie! Bill! You’re not a zombie!”

Man#2: At same time as Man#1, “Bill! You’re not a zombie! Ryan! You’re not a zombie! Dan! You’re not a zombie!”

Sounds: Pounding on door, groaning, and moaning continues. Men are silent.

Man#1: “Wow… I guess he really was faking. I mean, I know they’re all faking, but he was actually in a herd/mob mentality thing.”

Man#2: “I still feel kind of bad. At least it didn’t go the other way though.”

Man#1: “What?”

Man#2: “Like with only one changing or something.”

Man#1: “I guess. I figured, at worst, one less to deal with.”

Man#2: “At the risk of sounding like I don’t know they’re right outside trying to eat our brains, I’d rather you didn’t act like they’re complete strangers.”

Man#1: “Look, everything in the brain’s real, from every dream to every real-world fact. It’s just an electrical charge place holder thing. People are nothing but minds and minds are nothing but a series of thoughts. Enough different thoughts and it’s a different mind. Different mind. Different person. Ergo, those people outside aren’t the people we used to goof off with.”

Scene: For a slight moment, neither man moves.

Man#2: “That was pretty deep there.”

Man#1: “Yeah, I know. Completely off the top of my head too.”

Man#2: “So there’s a little bit of imagination that’s real?”

Man#1: “Basically restating the prior statement, yes.”

Man#2 makes a hand gesture as though holding a cigarette. “So, this imaginary cigarette in my hand has some physical existence?”

Man#1: “Yes, in a very small insignificant electrical charge sense, yes.”

Man#2 makes a hand gesture as though holding a drink. “Then this imaginary coke in my left hand has it too?”

Man#1: “Is this a comedy thing?”

Man#2: “Mostly not. Which one has more existence?”

Man#1: “I’m actually not good at hypothetical stuff. I’ve got no clue about size vs. size stuff.”

Man#2: “Hold on. I’ve kind of got an idea” Gets up and stands at door. Yells “I am your master! By my command, I order you to halt!”

Sounds: “Zombie” sound flares up momentarily and pounding on door continues with more intensity.

Man#1 cocks eyebrow at #2.

Man#2: “Figured it wouldn’t work. It’s just that, you know, a zombie must obey its master, and them not being able to be persuaded that they’re not zombies doesn’t necessarily mean they couldn’t be persuaded into obeying orders. Different levels of suggestion, traditional rules, and such.”

Man#1: Licks lips and scratches throat. “I appreciate the thought process, but considering they didn’t halt when Tim was screaming ‘Dear God! Stop it!’ it seems unlikely that simply declaring a position of authority would produce a different response.”

Man#2: “Well. When you put it like that, yes. But, I mean, people freak out when they see cops. Heck, people start sweating if you even say you’re a cop. I thought maybe it’d carry over.”

Man#1: Laughs/snorts through nose. “I know I’m sounding like Captain Bring down at the moment, but I’m just saying. We were all in uniform. Soldiers are higher up on the hierarchy than cops. If it was going to work, it would’ve done it with us.”

Man#2: “No. I mean, cops and soldiers aren’t part of it. I’m talking specifically about like a wizard or voodoo guy or something. Besides, I wasn’t even thinking about appearance, just simple verbal commands. I hate to use the cop example again, but like when someone goes ‘I’m a cop, freeze!’ it does it sometimes. All things considered, it was worth a shot. ”

Man#1: “I was going to suggest maybe trying to imitate them to see if they’d go away since it worked with relative success for Ted, but they’re knocking on the door harder. Maybe a calmer zombie tone on our part as kind of a group herd thing, but we’ve been here for maybe twenty minutes?”

Man#2: “Probably more like ten to fifteen.”

Man#1: “Fifteen minutes, and I’m not sure how well that door will last if we whip them up again.”

Man#2: “Wait, I don’t think that’s how it works. When you get more people in a group, each person expects that they’re less responsible to do something. Like how no one in a crowd will prevent a crime.”

Man#1: “I’m pretty sure it’s the other way around. Like how no one remembers who did what during a riot. Besides, even if it works, it’s not going to work. I mean, Ted plus Bill plus Ryan plus Dan plus Dave equals five guys. We’d be back where we started.”

Sounds: Pounding on door, groaning, and moaning continues. Men are silent. Door sounds weak.

Man#2: “You know, this could’ve been a pretty cool time if Tim had said Bill looked Santa Claus. He kind of had a bit of a gut.”

Man#1: “Not really. Bill was German and I think German Santa Claus wails on bad kids with sticks and rusty chains or something. Considering the whole mousetrap in boxer shorts thing, it might’ve been kind of a lateral step.”

Man#2: “This is probably stupid, but you don’t think they’d go away if we quiet, do you?”

Man#1: “Little late in the game, but it’d probably at least do something about the sauna smell.”

Scene: Men are silent for roughly one minute while “zombies” pound on door without change. Men both look tired, crouched down against opposing walls. Man#1 with head against wall. Man#2 will head in hands. Door will probably break soon.

Man#1: Clears throat, licks lips, and gets up. “I guess this is it.”

Man#2: Slides up wall until in standing position. “It might’ve worked if we had started out quiet.”

Man#1: “Maybe”, coughs while stretching. “If nothing else, their knuckles should be kind of busted now.”

Man#2: Stretching, “Torn muscles too”

Man#1 begins slowly pacing around room. Once behind Man#2, Man#1 begins shaking his head out while pacing.

Man#2: Jokingly “I guess it could always be worse.”

Scene: Door is very close to breaking. Visibly movements can be seen every time the door is pounded against. Both men take fighting stances.

Man#1: Chuckles. Stance pose appears off-balance. Positioned slightly behind Man#2.

Man#2: “At least it’s not vampires”

Man#1 makes a laughing clicking sound.

Man#2: “er.. wait, you’re a bunny! Bunny!”

Man#1 lunges at Man#2 and slings him to the ground next to barrel. Man#1 is on top of Man#2 with Man#2’s arm propped against Man#1’s throat to prevent his constant biting attempts. Shadows outside of the door shuffle around.

Sounds: Background “zombie” moans have stopped, but Man#1’s growl/hiss/clicking noises are covering it. Something hard pounds on door.

Scene: Door busts open. The door busts open showing three to four soldiers. Man#1 looks at them, making a hissing clicking noise.

Soldier#1: Expression of relative shock. “Freeze!”

Man#1 makes a hissing roar and goes to move. Soldier#1 shoots Man#1 several times in the chest. Man#1 falls over and contents of barrel begin pouring out onto Man#2's wounded face and into mouth.

Soldier#1 Leans back against wall and tries to calm down.

Soldier#2: “You didn’t really have to kill him. You could’ve shot him in the arm or leg or something.”

Soldier#1: “You saw him. He was doped up. There’s nothing I could’ve done.”

Soldier#2: “You’ve got a .45. It’s built with slower bullets to remove more flesh when it hits a person, even without hollow points. It was designed for this kind of thing.”

Soldier#1: “What?! It was designed for killing zombies?!”

Man#2 leaps from laying position straight towards Soldier #1, but slips on BZ puddle and is shot by Soldier#1. Man#2’s face isn’t visible, but can be seen bent, slightly twitching, clutching chest, and gasping for air.

Sounds: Hazmat people talking in background. Man#2 breathing has a gargling sound with a hint of pain to it. Breathing is slowing and strained.

Soldier#2: Gives Soldier#1 a tired mean look. “No, it was for knocking down drugged up Japanese soldiers who didn’t feel pain, so you usually had to kill them before they’d stop attacking.

Soldier#1: Still catching breath, laughs. “I guess he had a pretty bad trip, eh.”

Soldier#2 gives Soldier#1 a look and is silent.

Soldier#1: “See, because he was on drugs and because he fell over.”

Soldier#2: “I get the premise. It’s just not very funny. He didn’t really fall over, he slipped and even if he had actually tripped, it wouldn’t have been very funny. Frankly, something about drugs and slippery slopes would’ve been better. Still wouldn’t have been funny.”

Soldier#1: “Sorry, it’s just a way of dealing with a stressful situation. We just shot two soldiers and there’s blood and hallucinogens everywhere.”

Soldier#2: “We nothing. Look, I’m already starting to smell some fumes. I’m going to go get the hazmat guys to sweep this section.”

Soldier #2 leaves with Soldier#1 running to catch up