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Post-Scarcity, Anyone? Anyone?

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How soon til we hit the post-scarcity future? What will it take to make money obsolete? Is such a concept really possible with domesticated primates?

it does happen

My son goes to a charter school that hands out pizza slice coupons for doing well, etc. Those things have become currency. Used came cartridges also appear to be sometimes useful as barter.

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So, it would seem we have an

So, it would seem we have an innate sense of exchanging stuff and things that have some sort of equivalent value. I think that's an echo of metabolism.

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cash is already obsolete

Nowadays, I hardly ever spend more than 20 actual dollars in bills and coins in a month. That's mostly for cover charges to see bands in the local bars. All of my money is just numbers in a bunch of computers. Whuffie and reputation systems would be numbers in a bunch of computers. Maybe some kind of game-based software is an answer, like in Charles Stross's Halting State. Some funky MMORPG/LARP/ARG where people just do things as part of a game. Kinda like now, but instead of money as an incentive, it's a narrative or a huge crowdsourced project, like Habitat For Humanity on steroids and weed.


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Hahaha...ja ja, i can see

Hahaha...ja ja, i can see that. So...what if, since everythings on computer anyway, what if the 'puters were just left talking to themselves about the necessary exchanges? Cut out the middleman entirely, so to speak.

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The Invisible Hand, Leviathan, collective intelligence

Or to quote Blazing Saddles, "Mongo only pawn in game of life." People who believe in money think that game theory is a mathematical subset of economics. But people who game, know that economics is just a sociological application of game theory. In other words, HARI SELDON IS THE DUNGEON MASTER! QED!



Nailed it!

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Yeah, I gave a point for

Yeah, I gave a point for that...hahaha.

we coulda been closer by now

I fear that there are too many primates dedicated to maintaining the concept of scarcity because it is to their advantadge, and someone else's disadvantadge.

Even if Trek-style synthesizers are developed, there will still be a gatekeeper/middleman set-up for a long time.

Please understand that I'd really rather not be this pessimistic, but the species still has some evolving to do.

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Primates are a problem.

Primates are a problem. Always have been always will be yadda yadda yupyup. I get to thinking though, that the star trek replicator is already here, it's just that the machinery is spread out over the surface of the earth. And those geographical impedance's are further compounded by politics.

What we're talking about then in centralizing all of those separate components into something a bit more...hrm. managable my one person? Again, out with the middleman!

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From where I am at this now.

I'd say we're already there, but until humanity can truly move beyond dualism we'll be stuck with this hierarchical bullshit that keeps everything so unbalanced.


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If there were someway to

If there were someway to give all the adults of the world an ego-less trip, I'm thinking this would be a good idea. Gotta spare the kiddos, of course. Make for some good fictions..hmmmmm..............