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Beginning of a cyberpunkish story. Comments?

A kind of strange story I was working on. Just pitting it out there.

A rippling nudibranch, veins sticking out from its fleshy body, tore through the streets of Manhattan, engulfing citizens as it went. The 10-foot beast left a trail of slime going all the way back to the Donald Iverson Center for Kineostatic Studies, or DICKS for short. Scientists from DICKS were running all over the streets, crying out that 'Frankie' had escaped.
Standing on the top of a nearby skyscraper, a robot that looked like a lithe African doll charged a ball of energy between her lithe red palms. She leaped from the building, shooting off her energy ball toward the rampaging nudibranch. As she fell, she activated her parasail. Nothing happened. The rust-red machine fell to earth, and landed with a sickening crash!, scattering her mechanical innards onto the New York Street. Frankie, enraged and bleeding from the laser blast, proceeded to engulf the robot's corpse and gain new metallic jaws and an armor plate on its back.
GAME OVER, said a laughing voice. Kekekekekeke...
"Whoa man, cool it with the language. It's just a game, after all."
"But the parasail always deploys! Why not now??!!"
"You have the highest Gamerscore in the state, man. I'm pretty sure the system thought you could handle it. I mean, why didn't you jump to a different skyscraper? What was the jump for?"
"I don't know. Hey, I think I'm gonna go AFK for a while. Maybe like a few hours, so I can actually have a life. Go clubbing or something."
"Suit yourself. I'm gonna spend some quality time with the fembot, if you know what I say?"
"Not really. Cya, pervert."
"Bye, Kim."
Kimjong1lz has signed off.

Sven wished he had a fembot. All he had was Wessie, a girlfriend who he had never met in person. They videochatted for an hour every night, but as with all Internet relationships, noting actually happened. He might as well be in love with a robot.
"Mr. B?" a metallic voice said.
Sven swiveled his head and found that his 2 hours of Wi-Fi was coming to an end. He thumbed the print scanner and selected log off on the touch screen. He walked out of the smoky cafe and into the nightlife of NOLA.
To be continued...?

A good start, but it ends

A good start, but it ends just when it gets interesting!

The game is a great way to start, but I'm curious to see Sven in his Real Life (such as it might be), and what sort of a world NOLA is like. Hope we get to find out. =)

Not a bad story so far, and

Not a bad story so far, and that game sounds pretty cool. You used "lithe" twice during the African doll robot's description, though.