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Albatross from My Father

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To understand the difference between the first outbreak and the second outbreak, we need to start with a little history. While Toxoplasma Gondii doesn’t appear in any remains prior to 3000 B.C., the transition from hunter gather into food producing nations prepared populations large enough to sustain and slowly spread the parasites across most to the world’s population.

Historically, densely populated societies with fifteen percent T. Gondii infections or less were able to maintain stability for a few decades as shown in Ancient Mesoamerica, Egypt, and Persia. However, each experienced large scale aggressive behavior upon reaching fifty-percent population infection levels. Though discovered in 1908, the correlation between T. Gondii infections and social violence wasn’t recognized until well into the next century.

According to studies dated prior to the first outbreak, non-infected men found T. Gondii infected women significantly more attractive than non-infected women. This sexual preference combined with self tattooing/piercing trends helped raise the global infection rate. Even though direct connections between mild to severe psychotic disorders and T. Gondii were established, mental health care improvements had created complacency. By the start of outbreak, sixty-three percent of the global population was predicted to be infected.

Until this point, T. Gondii victims rarely displayed more than bad decision making. It’s been said one can look at a politician’s domestic/foreign policies and know whether they were infected. The myth of Capitalism as a large scale T. Gondii effect and the misconception between it and T. Gondii’s induced resource consumption increase will be further explained in chapter 3.

While the original incident isn’t known, the catalyst begins with a population becoming dense enough to perceive necessities as scarce. The “incubation” period prior to an outbreak can vary between two days and a month, allowing for hormonal synchronization of local infected populations upon proximity, explaining the spontaneous global violence within six hours.

Because military/police levels of T. Gondii infection were generally higher compared to the civilian population, cities/bases were quickly overran. With my family’s permission, chapter 2 contains my father’s journal describing the eleven months before T. Gondii’s cancerous effects took hold. After infected body communication stopped and olfactory degradation occurred, indiscriminate genocide reduced numbers enough for effective eradication.

I only had the chance to talk to my dad about the subject once when I caught him without a shirt on. I remember at least a dozen bite scars. I asked if he’d ever seen a zombie before. He told me that after the infected killed anything not diseased, they ate all the food; fresh, canned, rotten, still sprouting. Some survivors simply starved. My dad fried zombie meat


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Tell me more!

You've got me intrigued, sir.

A suggestion, if you want to help craft that mind-grabbing opening sentence you should open with what you used as your last sentence, "My dad fried zombie meat." I love it.