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variety is good

I’m seeing quite a few promising stories, but also something else in this weekend’s posts: the ‘fake wiki article.’ There are plenty of wiki articles already out there about fictional topics, of course. But the idea of a wiki article that is itself written as a work of fiction, even as it describes something fictional, strikes me as a clever exercise in going meta. (And a playful response to the writing adage ‘show don’t tell.’ It makes exposition the whole point of the piece.)

The ‘fake wiki/encyclopedia article’ is probably not a new thing. I can’t think of earlier examples at the moment, but if you know of any, I’d be curious to hear about them.

In any case, it seems like a genre worth exploring in its own right. I suspect most posts here at oort-cloud will continue to be stories (and that’s certainly a good thing), but there’s nothing to say people can’t explore other possibilities, including posts that offer essays or suggest topics for the community to talk about.

History of the Prayer Accelerators

You got it. The 'fake wikipedia' notion is the main thing that drove me to write the piece in the first place.

In part 3 I also added a little idea that explains why someone is able to read a Wiki article that is ostensbily from the future!

I basically was interested in writing something 'seamless', in a way that only 'Blair Witch Project' has ever acheived previously: You are seeing the action on the film because three young people ostensibly brought a camera into the woods with them and filmed what happened, and the camera was later found and a 'documentary' made!

So my piece was not really meant to be some great literary work, but basically just a fun little piece that pokes fun at some aspects of the Christian world, of which I count myself a part.

Thanks for the comments. In the future I'll put up some 'real' Sci Fi; hopefully that will be better received.

Earlier examples

Uncyclopedia is almost entirely fictional:

Oh, good point. And

Oh, good point. And hilarious too.