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Some suggestions for tagging your posts by type of story

Personally I find tags very useful, so I am very serious about choosing them. In fact, I think of tags as emergent in the sense that, given enough people tagging, the output can be bigger than the input.

Given the above, I don't want to tell you how to tag. You know more about your posts than I do after all. And, in general, more tags are better. But I do think there are a few standard tags which would make it easier to locate and group specific kinds of posts.

Most of us are already tagging for genre with 'science fiction' or 'fantasy', and some are tagging further with things like 'dystopian' and 'Hard SF. This is all very good. But, beyond genre, it helps to categorize fiction by the kind of story. The SFWA uses the following story categories for the Nebula awards:

  • Novel — 40,000 words or more
  • Novella — 17,500–39,999 words
  • Novelette — 7,500–17,499 words
  • Short Story — 7,499 words or fewer
  • Script — a professionally produced audio, radio, television, motion picture, multimedia, or theatrical script

Beyond the above, I have already seen someone use 'short-short story', which usually means a story shorter than 2,000 words, and I have seen 'non-story' used appropriately to mean something that isn't really a story, but is fiction. I think all of these are appropriate and helpful

Other than these 'type' tags, I can only suggest limiting yourself mostly to tags already in use. Tag soup is good, but multiple tags with similar meanings are not.