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Immortal Vampire

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Immortal Vampire
A Preview from Chapter 6.

The Birth of Lucian Dracul

That evening a lavish banquette was held around the great mahogany table in the captain's cabin, the four vampire captains and their favorites from the other four vessels were in attendance. This was an important event; my captain had personally selected several young and healthy blood slaves to share with his friends after the meal, which was of surpassing excellence. The captain's personal chef had expertly removed the testicles and blood organs from those islanders that been deemed useless, he had prepared these delicacies and served them in various amusing dishes. I became sharply aware as the stewards brought each dish to table, that I had often tasted these human treats before at the captain's table, not really knowing what they were.

As the guests arrived I noticed that among them was the beautiful woman I had seen talking with the captain at the back of the great hall in Gristhaven on Bougainville Island. She was a tall, slender woman, dark, beautiful and very mysterious, not outspoken she chose her words carefully and spoke only directly to another, never to the general gathering. She was a high Prince of the same rank as the Prince we were here in the Fijian islands to avenge; everyone at the gathering seemed to shrink in her presence but my captain. They seemed like old friends.

"This is High Prince Lillith Dracul" announced the captain as he introduced her to me; the high prince looked at me briefly, acknowledged my rank saying monotonously, "Prince Billy" and then politely continued talking with the captain.

There was much alcohol consumed, after the meal the captain ordered that the blood slaves be brought in.

"Gentlemen" he announced, "Our mission has been successful, we have not only avenged our beloved high Prince Jevarc, but we have taken many more captives than expected. Please feed at your pleasure, these blood slaves are here for your pleasure and entertainment" He grabbed the balls of the nearest slave and with his sharpened dagger glinting in the candle light; he deftly cut the youth's throat. Blood spurted out across the room and the captain drank deeply, an orgy of bloodletting and perversion had begun, Lillith, still seated beside me whispered softly.

"Shall we leave now Billy" It was not really a question and because of her rank, I obeyed.

Up on the deck of the Emperor the air was still, there was a tropical full moon hanging low in the eastern sky and the sea was flat black and glassy. A balmy stench of burnt flesh still rolled in off the island and there were traces of burning buildings and vegetation still visible through the smoky haze that now embraced the lifeless atoll. Points of light sparkled on the water reflected from oil lamps on the other ships in the bay and the sounds of drunken sailors singing their shanties impaled the darkness, it was warm and I was slightly drunk.

"Billy, I realize you are very special to your captain and I do not wish to come between you however I would like to become your friend"

"My Prince, you are my friend, of course" I said.

"Lillith, please call me Lillith, rank need not stand between us Billy" Then she moved closer to me, I could smell her perfume mixing with the sickly sweetness of the carnage that lingering in the sea air. She looked into my eyes and I was mesmerized by her gaze, then she put her arms gently around me and rested her chin on my shoulder.

She whispered into my ear.

"Billy, would you allow me a kiss?"

"Yes Lillith, please do kiss me" her kiss was gentle at first, her cool lips pressed against mine as a mother would kiss her son. Then more urgently, her kiss deepened and she entered me with her searching inquisitive tongue, I submitted, I was inebriated but it was no longer the alcohol, from the first time I had seen this beautiful Prince, I wanted her.

"Lillith" I whispered, "follow me" and pulling gently away, I led her beneath decks to my cabin.

Following me into the cabin Lillith removed her cloak flinging it over a chair; she wasn't dressed like a lady but more like a fine young gentleman. She wore some sort of corset engagement covered by a loose fitting transparent shirt tied at the waist and skin tight shiny black leather pants. Black leather riding boots came up high on her well-formed legs and a braded plat of thick raven hair ran from the crown of her noble head down between her slender shoulders into the curve of rounded behind. She stared into me as she said.

"Billy, do you know why I am a high prince?" I didn't, I had no idea, but I couldn't talk, I wanted to say something but the words wouldn't take form. Lillith continued "I am born vampire" as she spoke glistening fangs descended slowly into her sensual mouth as if commanded to by her disclosure. The whole shape of her face transformed, it took a demonic appearance, she was beautiful.

"I was born many centuries ago; I am one of the few full vampires alive in the world" This was a lot of information to process but she went on, "We can turn humans to the immortal life but we seldom do anymore. The humans who have become immortals in the past have generally misused their gift, squandered it, breaking our laws, leaving the covens vulnerable to exposure, so now the immortal gift is only given sparingly to a selected few"

"But the captain" I managed to stammer, she cut me off, "he is merely my familiar Billy as are you, you are not a true vampires but you are among those who are sanctioned by us. You do not possess our immortality or any of our real powers; you have the blood lust but still you eat food and walk among humans as one with them. Most of the vampires you have met are familiar's, they serve the inner cult of the Black Rose though they remain quite unaware of us as different in anyway from themselves"

I was still unable to move but I was hyper aware and listening to Lillith as she continued.

"Billy, you and your captain will become full bloods this eve, I will bring you into the fold and you will sit high in our realm alongside the great princes. Are you willing to give me your human life now Billy?" She looked at me quizzically and at the same time she seemed to release me from her spell so that I was able to talk freely again.

"Yes, I am willing Lillith" and I was, I was under her spell yet completely able to think for myself and I wanted passionately to join with this incredibly attractive woman. I was also surprised at my willingness though, I was normally reserved about the big decisions but I was lustful for more than just blood now.

"Are you sure Billy, there is no undoing the immortal bond, once you step across into the darkness you can never return to the light, not even in the unlikely event of your death will you be free of the mantel that is vampire"

"I am ready Lillith" I heard myself say the words from a long way away, I was watching events unfold, my physical participation was just one aspect of my awareness. It seemed that the closer I came to Lillith, even as her familiar, the more my awareness expanded. I wanted to see the whole truth of my potential; I wanted her gift whatever it meant or took.

Lillith took me in her arms again but this time she gently moved in to sunk her glistening fangs into my jugular, she fed with such a ferocity that I seemed suddenly to loose all my strength, I had the feeling that we had risen off the deck and floated together, weightlessly in the thin dank air of my cabin. Then, as I collapsed, she caught me effortlessly and scooped me up onto my bunk.

"Do not be afraid my Billy" she said reassuringly as she bit down into the pale flesh of her own wrist and told me to drink from her, "You must drink from my blood Billy or you 'will' die" weakly I sucked on the vampire's cool, bleeding wrist.

I went to hell and back, the boy Billy died that night and a new vampire prince was born into my body, it was as though I had become possessed as I went through my human death to be born again as the immortal, undead, Prince Lucian Dracul. Lillith whispered sweetly to me through my delirium many soothing words but among them she said this.

"You must never speak of this experience except to those who are, of the blood, you will develop quickly, and your new vampire vision will show you, of itself, who your true blood companions are" I understood little the import of what Lillith told me that night but as the agonizing hours passed and I finally began to recover my strength, I noticed her still in my cabin, seated quietly now in an armchair watching over me.

Lillith looked quite different to me now, still stunningly beautiful she no longer looked human, there was an aura of bright light around her and the shape of her face had changed again, her fangs remained distended and her brow and jutted out heavily shading her demon green eyes.

"You can see my true form now can't you Billy, you can see everything now, you will see this same light when ever you look at your captain, every full vampire you meet, including the turned humans will show you this light, it is how you will know your own. Now though you must feed and gain your strength" She moved to the door in an instant, it was as though the time between her leaving her chair and arriving at the door had been cleaved out, she called a steward and ordered him to fetch a blood slave.

Presently a fair youth appeared in the doorway of my cabin, I could see the veins through his skin and smell the blood as it pumped thickly through his frantic heart. The smell of his fear drew me to him; fear had a flavor and a texture now that I had not noticed before, it enthralled me. As I captured him with my thoughts, I took the boy, it seemed natural, effortless, I felt my own fangs distend for the first time as the hunger encompassed me.

I was in the midst of a primal need that would only find fulfillment in the letting of this child's heated blood. I bit down deeply into the startled boy's jugular and as my teeth penetrated his lively flesh I heard the graceful, perfect popping of his vein signifying our fatal union. I had the strength of 5 or so men and I was still in a weakened state, a new born vampire, I drained the boy quickly, his blood was utterly intoxicating as it heightened all my senses. Then Lillith said.

"Sleep now Billy, I will be with your captain, and when you wake, you will be Lucian Dracul the Black" she left the cabin, my hunger satisfied, I slept.

Hours later I awoke, thoughts of the sensual Lillith emblazoned brightly in my mind, I sat straight up, I was awake like I never had been before, and I felt no lack for anything. I wanted her, to be with her, I had never felt anything so strongly, a magnetism that drew me to rise and leave my cabin. I climbed the narrow stairs to the next level and the captain's cabin. I entered not bothering to knock as the old Billy would have done.

"Lucian" I heard the name and like the remembrance of some long forgotten tune, it was familiar. The captain stood before my.

"Hello Lucian" he said gently, I knew him but he wasn't the man I had left here only hours before. Now, in front of me stood a vampire, his immortal radiance lighted up the entire room, he was naked and magnificent, my mouth dropped open, I was overcome and I fell to my knees.

From behind him I heard Lillith's sweet voice.

"You see Billy, I told you of this, your captain, who by the way, you now know as Viktor, is now also of my blood, you are both Dracul" I raised myself to my feet and embracing the captain saying.

"My lord, we are new" He was more beautiful than ever, there was not paradox in him now, he was wholly vampire and as his handsome smile spread across his face I realized that I now shared a peculiar desire I had previously only seen in him.

"Hello Viktor" I said ignoring the feeling. We were perfectly in tune, aware of each other, and as we were soon to discover, even over great distances; our human friendship had been frail compared with the dark blood bond we now shared. We embraced again and Lillith joined us in our minds.

As the Emperor set sail for the return voyage to Bougainville, Lillith stayed onboard, she talked endlessly of great historical events as she trained us for our future as immortals. Lillith spoke of our evolution and told me that, the evolution of the vampire had paralleled with that of the humans but the vampires had always been in control. In the beginning vampires roamed the earth in linear time much as humans still do; they were wild and unpredictable creatures even among their own societies. Then the first of the vampire princes was born, he was a new breed of vampire, his name was Asmodeus and he was the first of the princes to discover the non-linear existence.

Asmodeus developed the skill of physical self projection and through long years of quiet meditation, he awakened the latent vampire abilities within himself. He learned to levitate himself and other objects; he extended his physical perceptual range so that he could see in total darkness and hear a mouse fart. He saw the potential for what was completely natural to vampires, being super-natural to humans and so he exploited his powers. As more and more vampires acquired Asmodeus' skills the vampire empire grew more civilized. High princes taught meditation to their familiar humans who spread the practice amongst their own kind.

Mythologies evolved around these teachers, they were called saints and prophets and they were rumored to have the power to levitate, raise the dead and perform endless miracles. All this worked in the vampires favor to civilize and subdue the humans, various religious sects and great spiritual paths promising nirvana and life after death rose up, humans through their natural fear of everything, clung mindlessly to the ideas perpetrated by the vampire princes. Eventually the vampire empire became the civilized order of the princes of the Black Rose; they remained completely cloaked in the human world, with only the scary unbelievable bedtime tales of old woman and mindless priests to identify them.

About 250 hundred years ago a count from Eastern Europe ventured overland to England to buy property and enlarge his estates; on the voyage to Dover across the English Channel, the count did not dispose properly of all the evidence of his feeding. There were already whispered rumors following him, of the trail of blood drained corpses left scattered across Europe by this mysterious count. Some paranoid investigations were conducted by the various European authorities but the results were inconclusive. Finally it was rumored that the blood thirsty count had been cornered in the city of London, at the same time there was a great fire that engulfed many sections of the dilapidated city. Fortunately the count was able to use this fire as cover, managing to escape but the rumors persisted, it was even rumored that the count himself had set the fires to cover his escape.

The rumored exposure of a vampire was enough to signal the end for all vampires in Europe. The talk and persistent fearfulness of the gossip that sprang up like daffodils in springtime was ruinous to our kind and many great princes were slaughtered in the preceding years. That was the beginning the great European exodus, Asmodeus himself head of the High Council of vampires called for our immediate departure from Europe to find fresh feeding grounds in the south. An armada was assembled in secret off the coast of Spain that would quietly move the entire vampire empire and all of its wealth to the isolated Southern oceans, there to start a new and secret life.

I was fascinated by Lillith's story; it was the story of the power that was growing within me, power I had inherited directly from the infusion of her vampire blood. I now had the strength of ten men and I could see quite beyond the surface of things. My sense of smell was astounding, the human familiars aboard could do nothing without my knowledge and if they lied to me, I would smell that as well. My sense of touch, I think that must have been heightened a thousand fold, when Lillith touched me it was electric, when she kissed me I joined with her utterly. I wanted her more with each passing day yet there was always something in the way aboard ship.

As my vampire powers grew I could now move more quickly than the human eye could see, I explored the ship again undetected this time, by the crew, the laws of space and time had become irrelevant, I could lay on the ceiling and walk across the water, I could think myself to any location on the ship I wanted to be. Lillith said.

"You are learning to use your powers but you must not allow the familiar vampires to see you using them, we will loose our control over them if they realize our immortal glory, so you must never act in anyway differently when you are among them" Everything Lillith said to me made perfect sense, at first I did not understand why I already knew most of it, she would start to talk on a topic and I would remember what she was saying and could finish for her.

"You are, of me now Billy, you are Dracul, when you drank of my blood you gained all of my memories, you became literally, vampire of my blood. You must never allow anyone to feed off you, you are a vampire and he who drinks of you will also become vampire" Lillith had become serious as she spoke these words, "Remember Billy, you and your captain are the first to be turned in 100 years, you might say that the two of you are our experiment and we hope that you will not disappoint us"

I was realizing now that the captain and I had entered into a world where there was a new and even more secret code, the dark code of the Black Rose Vampires. I questioned Lillith interminably and among my queries I raised the question of day walking, her answer was simple.

"Much of what the human's think they know about us is myth created by us to subdue them. They cannot affect us with their crucifixes or their holy water and we enter into their world taking what we want at any time we please, the myths protect us. Indeed we do prefer the night but we are equally strong during the daylight hours, they cannot see us in their linear view of the world and so we are able to feed on them, if we choose, even in broad daylight. We have hoarded silver and gold for centuries because the humans value these metals and so, by accumulation, we hold economic and political power in their world, Billy, I promise you, you have nothing to fear from the human's you are superior to them in every way, they are your food. We have aloud them to hold on to their myths and legends about us because it gives them hope, but when it comes down to it the human remains forever at the mercy of the vampire"

I slept less and less as I grew stronger, one evening I appeared in the captain's cabin to find him sitting in his favorite chair smoking his pipe. Lillith was nowhere to be seen, I looked at the captain, he was as magnificent as ever, I said.

"Please Sir, may I join you?" He looked at me and smiled his handsome smile; it was fun to fall back into our old rolls. I sat opposite him in my favorite old velvety chair and watched as he puffed away on his pipe, we didn't need words now; we were slowly learning to communicate with our thoughts alone. All the new sensations and emotions passing between us were confusing; everything was so much more intense. I understood now why turned vampires of the past had fallen into such insanity and separation from their covens so easily. How could anyone go through this rebirth alone, I was grateful for my captain as together we struggled to understand our new life.

I offered the captain my wrist this time meaning to share something deeper with him, I felt his fangs sink into my cool flesh as he began to feed, after a moment he drew back and said, "I can see what you see Billy-boy" a tear welled in the corner of his eye as he realized fully my absolute regard for him. "I no idea you felt so deeply Billy" I said nothing, rather I allowed him to feel me, to experience the depths of my soul through this new medium of communication, my living blood.

He was overcome with emotion still at the revelation he'd found in my veins and he held fast, his teeth deep inside me. I wanted to feel his emotion, so moving into him, I bit into his naked chest and drank the warm blood streaming from his heart; I wasn't expecting to be so utterly encompassed. His love poured into my mind clearing my confusion and lighting up all darkened corners and forgotten thoughts. As his body melted under my bite, his utterly undivided desire filled me with an uncommon ecstasy I had never known, "You love me that much?" I whispered into his mind. "Yes Billy, you are my forever boy" came his thought reply, "I can't imagine life without you to love"

We had shared each others deepest secret and found that it was the same, my captain filled me and I was fulfilled by him, finally we had broken through our frail human beliefs and moral objections and found the truth within each other. I felt him wanting, desiring, I relaxed my hold on him saying his name aloud.

"Viktor" and again over and over in my thoughts. Accepting my invitation he took me into a tender embrace; it was the passion of a father for his only son but with an uncommon knowledge between them. We lay there, entwined in each other and gently allowed the intensity of our new familiarity to subside; I had finally shared all with my captain, the last bastion of my human morality was now just another broken memory.

I wondered to myself if Lillith had known that this would happen as a result of our turning. She had implied as much and in her teachings when she revealed to me that the high council had only relented from their policy because we were a pair. I wondered if we would ever find a boundary in this new life, the possibilities seemed limitless and with my captain's head resting gently on my chest I fell into the now familiar dreamy state of consciousness that resembled sleep but was not.


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