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Metropolis:Old scores left unsettled

Bane laid beneath the tree for a while longer as his profound angst passed and his mind tried to skip to how happy he was in his solitude, alone now, but away from all of his problems. He tapped ‘Bessie’ on the trunk and stood up, stretched and walked back towards the house, suddenly he had a mind for fishing. When he got back outside the sun had reached its zenith and was beaming down. But he didn’t mind, Bane hefted his fishing rod and headed towards the small lake. The walk was a short one, and he was glad for it, the heat had begun to get him. Taller grass and pussy willows grew around the small lake and a small tree grew on one side. Bane walked towards it and sat beneath it, he leaned against its semi-thick trunk and tossed his rod into the lake.

He sat comfortably shielded from the sun, with a nice breeze rippling off the water. He plucked a blade of grass and stuck in his mouth, moving it about with his tongue every now and then. It gave him something to do while he waited patiently for a fish to bite. He gazed into the distance, trying with all his might to see the Metropolis, the vast city that lay beyond the simmering waves of heat. But he saw nothing, only more bleak land and the intimidating black pillars. Bane looked away but try as he might he couldn’t help but look back again and again. Finally he forced his eyes closed and relaxed against the trunk forcing the image of a fish into his mind.

He sat like this for a while, soaking in serenity enveloped him, before he realized that he was being watched, he could feel eyes on him. He sat still and opened his eyes only slightly to see just who was watching him. A man stood across the lake, surveying him. Several other men moved about behind and around him. They were silent despite the fact that they moved with great celerity. He could feel them nearing him; Bane decided he would not act first but wait to see what it was they wanted. He sat patiently and quietly while they moved about him. He felt a hand dropped heavily upon his shoulder.

Bane looked up and stared into the eyes of a brown skinned man, heavily muscled and grim looking. Bane wasn’t startled and didn’t act as such; he simply stood and dusted himself off. He let the man hold him while, the man who he had seen first approached him. As the man walked over Bane noticed his gate was slightly broken as if he suffered from an old injury. Bane vaguely recognized him as his face became clearer. The man stood before Bane looking at him with a sort of distaste. His skin was a milky brown color and his hair was long and dark black. His features were sharp, and his eyes were as dark as his hair. A light shadow covered his jaw, and a dirt smear of a mustache ran above his upper lip. Light crow’s feet clawed their way from his eyes. Stress lines ran across his forehead and frost tinged the tips of his scalp beginning at his temples. His lips parted in a sneer as he spoke.
“You look the same after all these years. Damn you’ve aged well,” his eyes squinted, “too well.”

Bane answered calmly. “You know what they say, clean living does the body wonders, you should try it, might slow your aging a bit. But as much as I’m sure you hate you memories of me, I am afraid I have no recollection of you.” The hard looking face broke into a smile, cold as it was humorless.
“Bane it’s me baby, Kaman. Don’t you remember me the one you left alive?” Bane thought back in time for a second before answering.
“Ah, you were that skinny boy, weren’t you? Yeah I remember you, sorry about your leg though it was an accident. You shouldn’t have gotten in the way like you did.” The once skinny boy turned man snarled as he replied. “You were trying to kill my uncle Bane, what was I supposed to do, stand there and let you do it?” Bane didn’t reply at first.
“Seemed like you were a good boy at the time, I didn’t want to hurt you. But did trying to stop me help your uncle anyway? No, and it cost you good leg too. Look I am sorry for the things I’ve done, believe me, but I won’t apologize for killing your uncle or anyone else that had something to do with it.” The man glared at him, and his face contorted in rage.
“Then you aren’t sorry then are you?”

Bane smirked. “I guess not then huh? To tell you the truth I’m still learning what remorse means.” Lights suddenly exploded into his head as he was struck, he tasted blood in his mouth. He looked directly into Kaman’s eyes. “Boy, do you know what you are doing? This isn’t what you want, go back to where you came from, leave now and don’t look back.” Then his voice dropped. “Forget you even saw me or this place.” Kaman looked him into the face and laughed. A back handed slap landed square across his jaw, blood drizzled from his mouth and onto his chin.

His jaw throbbing Bane opened his mouth to speak, but instead got a mouthful of cold metal. He looked up the barrel of a gun into cold black eyes. Bane tried to shake his head to warn him but Kaman only laughed.
“What are you going to do now Bane, fight me? I dare you to try. Doesn’t matter, either way it’s a mouth full of bullets for you.” Bane tried to shake his head once more but it got only laughs from the men around them. The big man behind him forced Bane to his knees. Kaman’s eyes glistened with a barbaric glow, anger and the thirst for vengeance mingled all in one. Bane closed his eyes. He reached within himself and found it, that terrible thing that had wrought so much death about him and with what was close to remorse, he opened himself to it. In what might have appeared a blink, Bane opened his eyes again, and watched as the men around him toppled over like so many lifeless dummies.

Kaman was still alive though, but barely. He was at eye level of Bane on both knees, and the gun, which seemed to have fallen during his ordeal, lay in between them. Kaman made a gurgling sound in his throat, as if gasping for air. Bane stood, feeling suddenly younger and stronger, knelt and grabbed the gun from the grass. Blood no longer ran from the cut in his mouth, in fact he didn’t feel it at all. Kaman still sounding as if he were gasping for air looked up at Bane who aimed his gun at him. He drew back the hammer.
“That drumming in your ears is your heart slowing down, and you can’t breathe because your lungs are losing their ability to function, just like all of your other muscles and organs.” He scoffed. “You sound so much like your uncle before he died, must run in the family.” He squeezed the trigger.

I just figured this part of

I just figured this part of the story needed a little revising.