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Riel awoke abruptly, his heart hammering in his chest and his sheets clinging to his sweaty body. He looked over at his wife Nia who also lay awake. Neither of them needed to speak to the other to know that they shared an overpowering sense of horror. Both he and his wife stood from the bed at the same moment. The house was silent except for the drumming of Riel’s heart in his ears, but other than this he heard nothing, which was utterly impossible. In a city like the Metropolis night was merely a passing of time until day began again, the city never slept. He went to the window, and his wife Nia peeked through the other one. They were both horror-struck by what they saw. Before their very eyes lay thousands of dead bodies in the street before their home, it was as if the entire sector had been butchered and thrown like so much trash before their house. His heart beat faster in response to his shock. Yet he couldn’t tear his eyes away. Bodies were strewn everywhere as if they had died where they stood. Some hung from windows, others lay face first in the doorway to their homes having died before they could even leave their homes, some lay atop one another in piles as if having fallen in clusters. The dead were everywhere, lying along the cobblestone walk, dead leaning against light poles others with their lifeless limbs wrapped around a lover or perhaps significant other. Nothing moved and nothing lived. Before the married pair was the reapers masterpiece, a frightening décor of the dead.
Suddenly the pair heard what could only be the sound of footsteps against stone. It was the sound of something alive. Riel and his wife dropped from the window in unison, but both peeked over the sill in order to see what it was. A moment later they had their answer. A man who looked as if he were running from hell itself sprinted up the street, a look of desperate fear and complete terror contorted his features. Riel wanted to say something to him, but his mouth wouldn’t open. He wanted to shout and cry and tell the frantic looking man that refuge was only across the street. Yet he couldn’t open his mouth, it wouldn’t move. The pervading feeling of death was too strong and against his own will he remained silent. He just hoped that the man would make it to wherever he was running too, but Riel had a feeling that his death was imminent. Just as this horrible premonition ran through his mind the running man fell to the ground in mid stride. At first the pair thought that he had tripped over the many dead bodies, but when he did not rise they knew different. The running man had died.
Both Riel and his wife Nia stopped breathing. Although they couldn’t see it they knew that whatever had done this was near. Through the darkness they grasped hands, knowing that the end was near. Still peaking over the window sill they watched as a figure appeared. It was iridescent and seemed to remain half-way between a fully solid figure and that of smoke. In and out of existence it appeared, at first it was near, and then it was far. Every so often when the being was solid enough the pair could distinguish features. They were those of a man, but gaunt as if no nourishment had ever touched its features. Its hair was long and dark it seemed to be as one with the shadows, as if its length were determined by the cast of the light. Its eyes were dark and barely discernible, but even at such a distance they pair could tell its eyes reflected no light, they were the eyes of the void, eyes of the Pit, before them stood a demon. Then suddenly the translucent figure became completely solid, and from its mouth came a long tongue. The two watched in mutual horror as it apparently tasted the air with its tongue. Its entire body shuddered as it licked the air, letting its thick saliva drip to the concrete.
Then suddenly it drew its tongue back into its mouth and before either of them could react it popped out of existence. Both let out a sigh of relief. But just as they stood, so did the demon, but right before their very eyes, outside of their window. They grasped hands tighter. Riel could feel energies tugging him towards the demon, which looked at him and his wife with a horrid desire.
“Please, please, just take me, just take me.” Riel begged but the demon didn’t appear to understand or care, it simply shuddered with a revolting excitement. “Please-” Riel tried again but he couldn’t speak, his voice was no longer his and he was falling ever so slowly into those dark eyes to be forever lost. But just as he felt something inside of him begin to tear away from him, he heard the demon howl in an otherworldly frustration, and just as it had come the demon popped out of existence. Sagging to the floor the married couple cried and held each other in their arms.

Some interesting things

Some interesting things here. I liked the concept of night in Metropolis and your description of the demon. However, you need to do more to hook your reader's interest. A demon attacking a huge city is not really sufficient to entice my curiosity anyhow.

And please format your posts so they are more pleasing on the eye. A wall of text is not fun to read.

Sorry about the format but i

Sorry about the format but i didn't tell everything that was going on. There is quite a bit more to the story that needed telling but i didn't want to load everything up, it is simply one part of a much more in-depth story that is coming together. i wanted to see how it held up.