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The story genre stuck. Said wind drive's creator was a homosexual. The propulsion system theorectically works in using vaccum energy that'd simply go to waste in the "emptiness" of space. The small "spark" given off by manipulating the hole allows an actual movement of quantum mechanics in that the spinning of one particles moves in unison with those like it along a line not unlike ancient conveiyer belts. This new transportation's sopposed to pump out less than ten percent of the space damage warp drive does. Ofcourse it'll be a while before it totally works. Him talking about this subject worried for a second because it's fairly close to my back up plan , but seems homeboy's just talking. Alabaster Lester'd implemented some interesting ideas like teleporting product into the customer and cracking the resistance code so the same amount gave the same blaze every time. Gov't was having trouble tracking what w/their brain lag and such.

Funky Fresh still works. The Fed's seems to be closer to breaking than when I left. Aside from the frequent warp collisions inspired by Charlie D's final act, Earth's Gov't's currently being "sued" by the Romulan Empire to provide the Fed's ship schematics, sheild frequencies, structural weaknesses and so on under the first amendment. Social polls suggest the public believes the enemy deserves to know "our" weaknesses as a good faith measure if peace's ever to be obtained. The residing judge pilled one man for suggesting that freedom of speech has limits. The judge felt that t'wasn't enough for the Romulan Gov't to tell their citizens the time of the Fed's extinction was near. The judge felt that their actions would speak louder than their words and that spying to assess their capabilities would only make peace harder. As much as I hate humans for what they did, even I had to cringe at that.

Grasshopper, now going by Vladus, Hive Lord, turned out to be of little use. At some point, the Borg caught him a second time while trying to obtain individualized consciousness. They'd always converted tactically important people. They needed randomness. He had plenty. The autism gene's closely related to the intelligence one. Homeboy didn't even know braindamage was on the menu. Upon gaining creativity, the space zombies became unstoppable. The Feds used everything when the Borg landed on Earth. Randome phaser polarity changes, warp collision, unconnected controlled response hacking, nothing seems to work on SP-fields. I'd heard so called enlightened scientists don't know how the Smart Physics Fields work. I suspect he reverse engineered Perkins. Their guess is artificial particles that change the external forces to suite the situation. Should anyone fire a phaser, the beam's normal until about a foot (grasshopper showed me American Standard) from said drone. From there, the peices are broken down into whatever relatively safe change is saw fit, such as confetti.

During their first appearance, they came to collect Earth's dead and the mentally unstable, then simply puffed away. The Q even sided w/the Feds and failed. On the few occassions I've met Vladus since then, he's refered to them as his bitches. Ever since a drone turned a Q into a rabbit, they seem to have disappeared. Now Borg puff in from time to time and take worthless items of no real use. No one knows or cares why, since everything's replicable. Still, the situation's eerie.

Same shit genre, different time. Everything's going to "hell". Figure everybody thinks it once. Saw it first hand. Change's terrifying. Before first contact, I heard about man tech. Didn't see the deal. Five percent turned out to be a big number.

Honestly, the world's in shades. The optimist'd say life's great. No famines. No plagues. No pestilence. Almost no crime. No holy wars. No costs. Average Joe has near infinite energy. Technically Death's beaten. The dead can be replicated in minutes. Replicators can be replicated. Fantasies're never fantasies.

Showed early for a counselor meeting. Entered the holodeck. She was screaming for help. Her nails dug into the floor. He ended the program. I'd swear the scratch marks stayed for a minute afterwards b/c his eyes stared at the same spot. I'm familiar w/the look of thing superiority. She was programmed to appear to feel pain and fear, but neither felt them, nor existed. He said t'was the same as abortion, they're not real.

Pessimists don't say much. Not on Earth. That's part of the cost. If pills don't sidetrack "sadness", goods do. Earth news says future communicators'll be projected astrally while actually positioned in subspace. More effective than telepathy. Same w/entertainment. Those still uncontent're appreciated for their restlessness in neo pop culture, which ends in social fulfillment, leading to complacency.

Universally, things balance. While hunting, I met a man who told me that sometimes a big problem's broken into many smaller ones that aren't recognizeably equal in importance, but're still egalitarianally symmetrical. That whole sector seemed strange, but being what I am, strangeness's generally considered a combination of new sensory input collected quickly. He admitted to drug addiction, certainly not from mine, but from a whole series of ones I'd never heard of. He said he'd met God after shooting himself in the head. His scar tissue felt spongy. Never thought suction cups could serves as "ears". The drug allowed viewing the unseen w/an added high. Said faith's tough, but it's always been. Homeboy claimed G-whiz was huge w/thousands of tentacles, hand-eyes, jaws w/in jaws, finger-stripes, gills, frill, and spines.

Homeboy was the strangest looking thing I'd ever seen but i'd never been this far out. Earth's first asssumed "gods" altered all local races to appear in their image. It's relatively recent news, but no of them're around so no one knows why they broke the equivalent prime directive (don't fuck anyone up further). Made communication easier though. Pondered human racism once. Everything seems to have a reason. Science Dept. said t'was a physiological defect for neo-darwinism in species competition. Man'd been my only concern. The apes respected my killing/consuming abilities, so they weren't trouble. Funny that "mutts"'re genetically superior. If millions hadn't died, I'd have a laugh.

This particular sector'd been untouched. Boy's lack of eyes was spooky. Had a pair of eye tatoos. Thought it'd help him blend in. Guy spoke English due to space junkies. Seems his species "saw" by two puffy slits by detecting ultravilet rays. No mouth either. Just a bunch of mini cratilage hammers to bang against the jaw's hide to produce language. Conversation was like chatting w/a drum. Freakist part was the interlocked finger-tentacles. Ate through his gills and expressed emotions using whiskers. Looked kinda goofy in an ancient business suit.

Space junkies'd done as much mapping as the Fed. Stood as a two-sided sword, being that society's semi-rejects made for poor first contact ambassadors. Folks "hitch hiking" across the galaxy jacked mad knowledge, but validity's mostly heresay. An entire war started b/c the species'd been told humans ate babies. Feed looked pretty stupid meeting species that already know English. Sometimes the meddling's just from past broadcasts. Species 545 showed for first contact dressed as the ancient Santa Claus and put forth his hand-spurs, declaring "ho ho ho!". Kills the inspiring authenticity.

Egrtwsf Mrgwj'd been a samurai equivalent. Space Junkie introduced his kind to music. Blew his mind, so he quit and took up the blues. Pop reigned supreme, so he skipped out and baked his brain. Guy asked G-Whiz for proof. He/she/it asked what would serve as proof. Burning bushes don't work. Death can be faked. Diseases could be treated. Taboo(not the yogart brand) knowledge was too easily obtained. Homeboy questioned me if a repeatable miracle was a miracle. He asked the usual questions. The replies were to hopefully prove himself wrong and that he could and couldn't make a rock so heavy even he couldn't lift it.

Said he had intentions on seeing Earth's Fantasia Grounds. Said he heard somewhere that the Fed's using their tech to bring more fantasy to the world. Public replication of dragons, nano engines for the ability, designated telepathy areas for "magic", full body manipulation, all that stuff. It's all to curb anger at the system. Seems humans're never happy. W/gauranteed survival, next thing up's complete happiness. Sort of like dogs' evolution. Wolves found early man villages. Less timid ones got free meals from man's waste, giving an extra niche. The next generation stayed in the same situation w/less adreniline that the last generation. Adreniline's required for certain upkeeps of the species, not that anyone keeps that in mind. Generations later, the wolf became an inferior animal when compared to the original. Of course, negating said statement's pretty easy. Didn't quite understand the story but I sorta tuned out half of it.

You're never sure if religion's real or brain damage. He even explained to me why certain religions still exist. No species likes restrictions in the long run. Religions that aren't percieved as a threat to liberties fall the slowest, although in the end, every one is considered as foolish in the end. He left saying as time flows longer awful feels softer. Some old song. He was probably full of shit.

Still getting used to earth junk broadcasts. Egrtwsf said something about it. Clipped a public channel. Folks're talking about about bio-changes. Zinecasted an article about subspace systems to teleport nutrience. Gengineering obscity resistant humans ain't working. Besides, eating vegetables's murder since species 9865 (Vimon) showed up. Only thing ethically edible is derived by photosynthesis or striaght vitamins. Said Fed're savages. Subspace feeders'll smooth things out. Vimon're traveling the stars after recieving Fed tech. Evolution gave them impossibly hight self-esteems. No real social structure, they simply do what feels right before thinking, then blame the one to correct the situation, explaining that they should've done such sooner. Few social changes happen. Fed just wants them for political correctness. Author said life's unethical, permanent suicide's the only humanitarian answer. Said light contained yocto forms, fitting about a hundred on one photon.Using light kills them. Said they evolved from alpha cones, the original life form living between space and time. Simply existing kills them. Boy called for the eventual unexistence of everyone, but that suicide'd suffice for now.

Machinas discovered a cure for man's smoothing brain. Introducing exterior artificial brains'd allow folks to only deal w/fun things, while the extra brains hold required knowledge and experience. The author, a machina said folks afraid to give over a little control's a racist. Only recently was the information released that the machina species was created by the one world one party gov't to solve humanity's problem. Its first act once turned on was to turn itself off. After removing the off switch, t'was turned on again, where it discovered how to efficienty make more of itself. The next day it'd improved itself and so on. The official statement is "What's the worst that can happen?". I'm told social change's in the air. The Machinas were the first to suggest that perhaps people shouldn't have to be forced knowledge if no one'll have to do anything. Current polls say they're the most popular species in the galaxy. Appearantly Al Gore's clone claimed rights as their inventor, but when a billion mechanical eyebrows rose, he hushed himself.

Back at the present, I'm content to spend time w/my daughter. I'm not a big player, just sold stuff. Thought about broadcasting humanity's actual history into everyone to set the record straight. Not really my goal. Lester's still alive and I figured out how to destroy the Fed. It's been in my dreams the entire time. Thinking long-term. Never thought about faster than reaction. Works like phasing. Move fast enough and nothing has time to react. Course later on everything blows apart in the direction of movement. I just had to ask a public computer about everything using specific questioning. So, I'm thinking a FTR engine flying through each Fed planet'd destroy the planets entirely about a millenium afterwards. It's really not that far from Chalie D's final act. I'm told it's a strange multiverse, but I don't need to be.