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Trex World, Part 37

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“Authority, what do they have to do with anything?”

“Well, you said it yourself, we’ve got to be under the tubewerx, right?”

“Well, yeah, but how in the hell of hells does authority not notice you? I mean, they run the tubewerx and –“

Her trex beeped a harsh tone. “Here it comes!” she squealed.

“Here comes wha--”

There was a high pitched shrieking sound and Paul had to cover his ears with his hands. Amanda_adnamA jumped close to him and held him yelling, “Wheeeeeeeeeeeee” at the top of her lungs and the capsule wall opposite pall began to shake violently and the capsule started to shake and vibrate and Paul’s teeth were ratting and that same wall started to split open like a pant’s seal and there was nothing on the other side and Paul started to scream.

And then everything stopped.

No. It hadn’t stopped it was just quite now, the shimming was gone. the shaking had stopped. there was still a constant sense of changing velocities in the pit of Paul’s stomach. the gaping wound in the capsule’s side was no longer vibrating, it was simply there acting as if it had always been there. the darkness beyond it was dissipating, revealing a red plush room, just like the capsule’s interior but much larger. What was more, there were people past the wound. At least, Paul thought they were people. all he could see were the bottom of their legs and feet.

“Manda, stop brilling around in there and hop on out,” an intense voice called from beyond. “Let’s meet your darling Paul.”

Amanda_adnamA looked up at him, in almost a pleading fashion and said, “No disappointing me, ‘k?”

Paul, who was still shaken from the docking experience, merely nodded his head. ‘Manda’ smiled, pecked him on the cheek and then barrel rolled herself through the exit wound. “C’mon, Paul!” she called, giggling.

Paul closed his eyes briefly, summoned what was left of his wits, and rolled out of the capsule.

He rolled into the softest flooring he had ever experienced. The sensation poured through his nerves, slamming his spinal chord with thoughts of the rich and famous. He had finalized his rolling by stopping on his back. It was the best thing he had done for himself in six months. there was a steady hum and vibration surging through the softness. his vertebrae popped and settled into a more proper position.

“Gawwwwwwwwdddddddddddddddddddaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmm…” oozed from his mouth. There was a soft light leaking out of the ceiling he was staring at. It’s intensity varied at a constant tempo, like a heartbeat.

“Hurry and get him to a chair before we lose him,” said the same voice that had called to Amanda_adnamA.

Large hands groped into his armpits and started pulling him up off the magnificent floor.

"Shight, Manda, we can’t use a guy that get’s blissed out just walking through the front door.”

"Oh stow it, Baby, he’s not reacting any worse then we did when we invented the stuff in the first place.”

“We? What’s this ‘we’ business? This floor is 100 percent Baby-co.”

“And it’s propulsion is mine,” said Amanda_adnamA matter-of-factly.

Another voice, a woman’s, chimed in, quieter than the first two. “And the sensories are Thomas’s, the networking is Renaldo’s, the drinks are mine and the tastes are all of ours. It’s a collaboration, people. Everyone contributes, everyone gains.”

Paul was snapping out of the bliss-state and could focus in front of him again. The scene was like something out of a vid dream. There was Amanda_adnamA, lovely as ever, another, slightly older girl with dark hair and complexion and unnaturally bright green eyes and standing next to her was the largest man Paul had ever seen. A wall of muscle nearly over at two and a half meters, he was taller than the two monsters who had pummeled him outside the bar. Paul’s nose was telling him that this fellow didn’t use deodorant, either. Shaved head gleaming under the pulsating light, he arched his head to the left and right at the same rhythm. Paul had the distinct impression that he was being sized up.

“Fine. Fine, whatever, Itty. So. Paulie. Why you wanna join Taste!.”

“I need the cred.”

“Of course,” he guffawed “Everyone needs that, don’t they. What can you offer us.”

“I’m a tagger.”

“Yes, yes. But what can you offer us.

“My time.”

“Oh, that’s rich. That’s goooood. Here’s the thing, Paulie, Manda likes you. And that’s supposed to be good enough for me.”

“Oh, Baby--” Amanda_adnamA started, her tone threatening.

“And if that’s what we followed that criteria for hiring, then everybody in the whole farking world floor would be a member.” he turned towards her, “Isn’t that true? “

“Isn’t that what we’re up to, anyway?” she sighed, coiling herself. Paul sensed that she was about to tap into some unseen reserve. The atmosphere was charged “Isn’t that what we want?”

The other woman had had enough of the conversation as well. she stood before the hulking mass and asked in a whisper, “You been tweaking past the limit again, Baby?”

The man rolled his eyes and moved the woman aside with a large hand to better address Paul. “Whatever. Now’s not the time or the place. Here’s the fact of the matter, Paulie. There’s only one thing you have that we want, and that’s the inside scoop on Panopticon Productions, of course. You know how they work. And you’re gonna fill us in.”

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