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Trex World, Part 36

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“So, where are we going?” Paul asked following Amanda_adnamA’s shapely form down the spiral staircase. She had her gold spun hair in a bun, held tight with elegantly adorned chopsticks. Their simple refinement shouted subscription heaven. Perhaps they were as easy to remove as they were on the eyes…Stop it, told himself, forcibly letting go fantasies of taking her in this cozy space. Just stop it.

“Your interview, like I said.”

“Ah, yes. It’s just we’ve been going down for awhile now. what did you say to get me in?”

“You'll see.”


She giggled. “I'm glad you think so. So easy to impress.”

They kept going down, past the third floor alcove that held the future vision Taste! had for folk, past the central atrium and into the Flooring substrata.

“So, this is the head office, eh?”

“What? This? Maintenance? Heheheh Nonono.”

They walked down the corridor to what appeared to be a normal tube access door. It had been months since Paul could afford tubeway access, with all it’s veins and arteries providing rapid transit across the Expanse, between the capillaries and Business District. A little slice of luxury that had been the first to go when the bills started piling up.

“Tubeworks access, huh.” he said while Amanda_adnamA pointed her trex at a spot above the portal entry. “I noticed the signs in your atrium, but da dang dang do, how in the hell of hells did you folks come up with that much cred in so little time?”

“We've been very fortunate it is true.”

“I'm not so sure that fortunate is the word.”

“Shut up for a second, would you?” she said and then turned back to the door and looked up at the spot where had pointed her trex. She stuck her tongue out and a ray of light shone out from the spot and danced on her tongue. It lasted a couple of seconds and then disappeared. The tubeway portal opened.

“Um. Tongue-print?”

“Sure,” she giggled and rolled her eyes. “What’s the name of your possible future employer again? Now, hop lively.”

They stepped through the portal.

“Tubes are great,” Paul said with a boyish grin, surveying the cylinder with it’s plush red cushioning. Just enough room for two.

“They’re OK,” his companion said, the door cycling closed behind her. She grabbed his shoulders and shuffled him radially about the capsule about fifteen degrees. “Stand here,” she said, and then followed with a curt, “HR,” and Paul’s stomach bounced into his brain as the floor of the capsule dropped. He instinctively grabbed the plush cushioning that surrounded them, letting out a yelp as he did so. A whine was building up all around them, outside the capsule, becoming deafening. “Careful now,” she yelled over the noise, “We’re coming up on the elbow.”

Elbow huh, Paul thought, We must be heading out under the Expanse. But the speed we’re going… we’ve got to be well under the regular Tubeworks or we’d crash into somebody else! Under the Tubeworks… The thought was stunning and was rammed out of his mind as two things happened simultaneously: first, he grew three hundred times heavier for an instant, his body telling him he was now lying down, and second, Amanda_adnamA had been on the opposite end of the capsule and slammed into him, knocking the wind out of both.

“How was that for you,” she rasped.

“Nice,” he rasped back. “Really, really nice.” And he found his arms surrounding her, feeling the tension in her back as she drew up on him and as her lips drew close he craned his neck to meet them, tasting the sweetness and savoring the softness of them. As his hands made their way to her backside, he suddenly found all the blood in his body to be in his brain. They were accelerating again.

“Oops!” she said, rolling off and sitting up, “We’re just about ready for your Meet-n-Greet.” And she started dialing things on her trex, oblivious to Paul and his worldly needs.

Dammit, thought Paul, raising himself on his elbows and suddenly glad his lifeblood was in his head rather than his pants. He said out loud, “So, you guys are under the Tubeworks?”

“Hm?” she inquired, still engrossed in manipulating her trex. “Hold on, there’s going to be a jar here in a few when we link up.”

“You mean, we’re not slowing down? To, you know, stop and things?”

“What, and invite Authority to our party?”

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Poor old Paul!

How to dash a fellow's hopes: "We're just about ready for your Meet-n-Greet." Lovely stuff.

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Tanx. We'll see where it

Tanx. We'll see where it goes, hopefully.