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Poetry - Pain Again

Pain is getting stronger and stronger,

The pain of being betrayed...

Pain of hatred,

Crossing paths,

Pain encompassing me wholly,

Like a million needles gone crazy...

I feel so betrayed,

I feel so out from the world,

My emotions are taking me places,

Where I do not want to go,

My heart is full o' pain...

My inner being is crying,

Frightened being, painful interior,

I feel so much out...

I want out,

Out from all pain,

Sometimes I believe oblivion,

Will take her turn with me,

Maybe for a better (or is it bitter???) turn,

My heart and soul is heavy,

Heavy with grief and pain,

I feel so much burdened,

And wary of the burden -- I carry,

So forlorn I have become,

So pale, not wanting to be near anyone,

Feels that no one will ever say,

"I like you to be near me",

Feels that everyone will say,

"You are a nobody",

A sense of belonging gone astray,

Feelings and trust swaying,

As though in a storm,

With no near goal...

Hoping to be near someone,

Hoping to belong to someone,

Whom I can depend entirely upon,

I tarverse the streets up an' down,

The bylanes of my mind an' inner countenance,

To find inner peace,

To find trust in this wily world,

To find someone I can hold hands with,

Whom I'll know will be at my side,


Whom I can lean on,

Who will be my twin soul,

Clothed in red and white,

Who can share my sorrows with,

Where can I find her,

Is she in my inner being???

Or is she near me??

Or is she just round the corner???

Hopin' to find her soon...

I limp on with life,

Hoping to find the glowing ember,

Of hope, peace, trust and love!!!

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The science fiction or fantasy aspect of the poem escapes me -- unless one supposed the prospect of the writer actually realizing the dream of finding a companion to be completely impossible. Anyway, poetry... you'd probably improve your poems by trying to evoke the same feelings by using fewer words. Try to distill, condense, compress, squeeze, pack as much as possible; make every word significant. And this is helpful: find a poet that you like (that you'd be willing to BUY THAT POET'S BOOK) and copy his or her style. Imitation is a great way to get an innate sense of how a particular poet uses words and themes.