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Trex World, part 30

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Link to part 1

He awoke to see the visage of the Detective glaring down at him. “Idiot,” she intoned.

“Good to see you toof, detectif. Fleebus Marley, waffs wrong wiff me.”

“That’s something I’d like to know, truth be told. You’re on assignment, Paul. I should have you retired for obstruction of justice.”

“Wha…where am I…”

“You’re in intensive care, you blundering moron. Did you not think once that picking a fight with goons twice your size was a good idea? I should have left you as pulp on the Floor.”

By now, the tendrils of a fantastic headache where slithering their way through Paul’s brain. His face hurt. The whole face, not just part.

“Zero medical insurance. Fleebus Almighty I’ll have to pay for that, I suppose, just to get you going again. And some substantial dentistry work, too. But maybe I won’t. I mean, what use are you? No job, no prospects for a job. You’re a walking pile of shight, aren’t you, Paul.”

“Pleaswe…tell meef how youf really feel.”

“You would not survive that onslaught, I will tell you that much. It is also against my better judgment, but I think there might still be a use for you. Before I have the doctors put you under, I just want you to know that the Authority owns your worthless butt now, Paul, and we will make something of you, understand.”

Before he could say, “Oh just fark off and retire me, bizitch,” Paul was out once more, his last sensation a rush of blood to his nether regions….was it wrong he found the Detective strangely attractive? Did he need Authority that much?


“It’s hard talking to you, you know?”

There is a breeze. No, not a breeze. Stronger than that. What word is there for something stronger than a breeze? How could he not know of such a word?

It was bright. They were barefoot. The floor here was crumbly. Gritty and warm. It stuck in his toes. In the distance behind Her, in the Brightness, was a rushing sound that rose and fell.

“Hard, why?”

“Because, you’re such a jerk, and you don’t even know it.”

“I don’t…I don’t understand.”

She was pale and slim but radiant. Her long hair whipped about in the fast moving air, changing color, blondes, browns, reds, every time it came to rest. She had an honest-to-goodness aura. It shimmered like heat from an overworked trex power core. And it was terribly sad, because the only words he had to compare it with were related to an Omnitrex. To a device. She was not a device. She was a whole universe.

“How do you tell somebody you’ve known all your life that you love them?”

It was a question not just to him. It was to Everything.

“I don’t see why that should be so hard,” Paul said and he reached for her and fell out of bed.

Farrrrrrrrrrrk. The floor was cold. Great Holy Fleebus. Paul started laughing. How many times in the course of one day could he black out? Good ol’ Trex, still clinging to his forearm. He breathed on it and a couple seconds latter everything came up green. Healthy. “Are you sure?” he asked it. A popup informed him he had insufficient funds for that query. Paul sighed, slowly got to his feet, and surveyed the room.

Standard hospital affair. Bed. Bathroom. Oooooooooh. Bathroom. Yes. That’s a good idea. He heard the chimes of another popup. Dropping off a deposit would result in a credit towards his hospital account. Would he like to donate it to the Early Retirement fund? It was not much cred, but, he was going to take what he could get. Fark the Early’s. Today was not their day.

The bathroom mirror was a true bastid. He had only thought he looked bad in ’s backroom, but he now looked truly terrible. Purple bruises covered his face. His left eye was slightly swollen. Lips split. His tongue quickly discovered some gaps in his teeth. His snaggle tooth that for most of his adult life sat in front of his right molars was gone. He hoped it had implanted itself in one of the giant’s fists. So this is what my green looks like now, eh? I’m healthy, eh? Shight butter.

Good stuff.

Good stuff. I love the Philip Marlowe like self mockery. Keep it coming.

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Thanks! Channeling Chandler

Thanks! Channeling Chandler wasn't expected, but greatly appreciated.