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I found this basic idea suggested on, but sadly there don't seem to be very many people using that site, so I'm porting the idea over to here, to see if we can collaborate here more easily.

The idea that I worked from was posted at glypho by deucalion.

To summarize here, his idea is a story about life on a planet where one hemisphere is constantly towards the sun as it orbits, and the other hemisphere is turned away.

I took up the challenge and wrote a chapter based on the original idea, which I'll post as a child of this page. Perhaps others would like to contribute subsequent chapters, or suggest a different first chapter? Please indicate the chapter number in your title, so I can see if you're suggesting an alternate direction for the story based on this central idea, or contributing to the story line I've started.

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Memory is less than reliable (and Wikipedia is amazingly uninformative). However, if I recall correctly, I believe Harlan Ellison ran a shared world anthology of a planet that was on its side as it were -- the polar spin axis was pointed perpetually at the sun. I believe Uranus is likewise situated.

This would be more likely than a planet with a face tidally locked so that one hemisphere was always facing its sun.