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Hey, Oorties. Just thought I'd let you know I finished writing my novel: 351 pages, 98,000 words. It's been an amazing process. Crazy, in fact. There's more on my blog:

Gotta go and reviase now. Quite a bit of cleanup left to get done.

Peace out!

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Good job!

Good job! Like 110rdr33f4, please give details!

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major congrats

Major congrats on the completion, and thanks for posting your achievement here. It's the kind of milestone we need to see more of.

woo hoo!

Congratulations! it's a good feeling, isn't it?

Just finished my first "I didn't know it was a novel when I started it" project last week. I'm still pretty high.

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Excellent. Give us details!

Excellent. Give us details!


That's got to feel great!

Good luck with the revising, and keep us updated about how it's going.