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You know, I recognize a lot of usernames, but it's not always clear about what actual names people like to go by.

So here's an easy one: what should we be calling you?

(e.g., I'm Rick)


My name is John. 'Cougary' is because I'm a fan of the Keighley Cougars RFL team. They're no great shakes these days, but I love them.

I'm not that active, more of

I'm not that active, more of a lurker. Still, my name is Raul Gonzalez.

Hey, lurkers are people too.

Hey, lurkers are people too. =)

kelson.philo's picture


Kelson works just fine.

sim's picture

Sim or Simon

Or Miss Jackson, if you're nasty


folks call me 'kyb' when

folks call me 'kyb' when kybernetikos is too long.

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Call me Zog

Call me Zog or call me later, either way.

No, really, Paul is fine. Name's Paul B. Hartzog.