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Writing software for Mac users.

Greetings, fellow Oorteans!

I have just begun using a shareware application for creative writing called Scrivener. I found it on Version Tracker last Sunday, and I registered it this morning. It's that good. I evaluated two other shareware apps, but this one is superior. The tutorial and help files are the most detailed I've ever seen with shareware, and the home website is wide and deep. Forums to discuss the ware and the craft in general.

I've gained new insights into my work, and I'm able to visualize projects in ways I could not before. I've done a great deal of work in a short time. I did not need the full thirty day trial period to make up my mind.

I suppose I should include some sort of disclaimer. I have no connection with the publisher of this software other than that of a registered user. I am merely suggesting that it is worth downloading and evaluating. I would recommend it to any creative writer working with a Mac.


I couldn't agree more.

I sent the publisher a note saying I think they have saved my writing career.


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As soon as they come up with

As soon as they come up with an open source variety, I'm all o'er it.

open source?

I believe at least some of the source code is available at the website. I haven't looked into that part. Perhaps you could, and report back to the group.

Bonus question: Name the story that I now quote: "Irkman! You stupid as Mickey Mouse is!"

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They seem to have Scrivener

They seem to have Scrivener Gold which is free, but it's all of Mac OS. Which is fine for Mac users. I'm sure there's somethin' out there, though.