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Trex World, part 22

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The Triple M, ohhhhh the Triple M. What to farking do about the Triple M, that pain in the ass Manic Monday Mayhem he had signed himself up for supposedly voluntarily but it was on no uncertain terms from the Credit of Self department that his ego presence just wasn’t where it needed to be, he wasn’t focusing enough on his inner character and he needed to get it out there for the masses to see just like everyone else did as a matter of course.

Points are points and he was lacking in them. Lack the points and you lack position, you lack status, you lack cred opportunities and other endeavors will evaporate and still others will simply not materialize when they’re supposed to. Hard work? Meh. Not going to matter much without the points to compliment it all. And that’s what the Triple M circuit is all about. Getting your points back into the black, getting you biographical self into the feeds, getting your presence out there, keeping you a viable part of society. Default on the Triple M and he’d have more than just quadruple mortgages to worry about.

Suction applied, speed walking that now felt more like falling, he made it thorough the throat gamut and was now in Reception’s atrium, a massive room with doll-faced wunderkinds scanning monitors and double checking scrolling manifests of the meat units trundling fresh out of the entry canal. The ceiling was a vast bowl shaped structure, its lowest point a hub of tube lines that would service a hundred people at a time. Those not lucky enough to have tubes directly to their office from home got to mingle with hundreds of other coworkers cramming to get to their respective stations in the nick of time, purposely avoiding eye contact as every face, every twitch, every gurgle of bodily function an eerie mirror to the soul-works. There was but one thought on their minds, “I need to get to my desk before the All Seeing Eye gets a hold of me once again.” In the atrium there could be no room for delay, no pausing to say hello to the lovely little thing you always see queuing next to you. Oh no, you needed to get to your respective tube and you needed to get you butt in your chair and that was all there was to it.

While shuffling in line, Paul looked down at his trex and was relieved to discover it was back online! Well, of course it would have to be to get through the throat, right? But force of habit, a foul mood and the newly discovered suction had prevented him from thinking of it before. There at his wrist was the stylized screen and icons smiling up at him in their primary bubblegum colors bounding and rebounding in an interface that seemed deeper than the World itself. And this made Paul very happy.

He had to do a double take, the time, could this…no this could not be right, it must be off by at least a couple of hours! He’d need to get his machine looked at. he could have the companies diagnostic center take a look….had trex ever gone out of synch before? It’s network was ubiquitous, it’s power and information exchange happened anywhere there was matter…it should have corrected itself immediately, but no…from the time he had left Taste! it was just about ten o’clock and he was running for maybe five minutes when Mattie picked him up off the Expanse floor and into that tower. And now the time was exactly ten oh three. He was in Mattie’s, er, parlor, for several hours at least, especially with whatever ‘surgery’ was going on. And now his trex was telling him a grand total of seven minutes had passed. It was simply impossible.

Time for idle speculation later, though, he nearly bumped into the fellah in front of him and was next up in the queue and needed to concentrate on the various tasks at hand that were going to bombard him shortly. Geoff, that sinister arsehole would prolly no doubt be checking the logs periodically, nay!, he would have set an alarm to go off the moment Paul passed into PanPro’s entry, and he’d be waiting, prowling with his pale fleshy hand gripped tightly behind his back, simply itching for his chance to dig into Paul’s emotional flesh.

Keep the flow logical, man, Paul thought. He needed to get to his station, a) to get his most recent check downloaded minus the late fee for not showing on time today with no supervisor approval, of course, and b) figure out someway of getting his Triple M posting made when his lunch break was scheduled from twelve to twelve-thirty, since he wouldn’t get off until six. And then there would be the dreaded talk with the detective later that evening. He knew he must tell her Honor, the Detective, of the Lady, Mattie who hijacked him into all this terrorist talk, but some part of him, some young part of him did not want to. Self inspection time’s up, Paul, he thought. Get yer arse in the tube. And away he went.

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Another post, another good

Another post, another good idea that's disturbing too: the Triple M.

Making self-promotion through blogging a mandatory part of one's social/professional career, if I'm reading that right?

Talk about HR gone wild.

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That's the thrust of it,

That's the thrust of it, yes. Although, it's going to be taken up to levels beyond simple blogging. What if the trex did Twitter-like functions for you automatically? What if you couldn't see that record without paying for it? Of course, Authority prolly wouldn't have to pay to put their eye on it...

Regardless, keep the focus on the self. Or suffer being poor, or at the max, early retirement. Management has to strike a balance, though. Can't be too hard or rebellion has a way of festering up to the surface. Can't be too easy, though, or people get lax and bored and idears crop up.

Your data.... for a fee

What if you couldn't see that record without paying for it? Of course, Authority prolly wouldn't have to pay to put their eye on it...

Interesting! Sort of becomes an argument for Brin's Transparent Society. Authority is guaranteed to have access to these records (Twitter-Trex, etc.), so the only hope for the rest of us is to fight to have everyone have access to them.

Of course, that assumes the People recognize the problem before it's too late to do anything about it....

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Exactly. And for that,

Exactly. And for that, they'd have to see the situation as a problem in the first place. That's were all the nuanced balancing comes to play. Paul's pretty incredulous at Mattie's insistance for revolution, but he'll play along to get back to work, one of the driving paradigms of trex world...