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Industrial Strength SPAM Protection

Paul B. Hartzog's picture

Rick and I started receiving spam via the contact form a few weeks back, and then it showed up on a post in the comments.

To combat this I have installed a SPAM protection module.

As always, if you note any issues, please let us know.

SPAM account...

The following account name appears to be a SPAM-bot.


Currently it is logged in four times, all at the same time. Is it possible for you to delete this account? Would that help stop it?

Anyway... just noting this at the moment.


If the Math Question is the SPAM blocker... it needs to go back to grade school. I have to enter the answer at least twice if not three times for it to accept it as correct.

13 + 1 is 14... right? The SPAM blocker didn't seem to think so.

paulbhartzog's picture

Math Is Hard

Maybe the math engine is run by the same people who make Barbie dolls.

But seriously, that is a feature not a bug.

I get a jolly every time I see it do that. Life is fun. Math is hard.

Yeah, it's quirky

Sometimes a module does need a few tweaks, here and there. But we're hoping this one will get the job done of reducing spam before it becomes a serious problem.

Best thing to do is give it a chance for a while, and see how it does. If it turns out to be a problem, we'll definitely give it another look and try something else.

Thanks for the feedback!